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Top 5 Technology Trends That Will Impact Businesses In 2019

Top 5 Technology Trends That Will Impact Businesses In 2019
Top 5 Technology Trends That Will Impact Businesses In 2019

Over the years, our dependency on technology has grown by leaps and bounds. 2018 saw a number of technology trends ruling the business world such as automation, augmented reality and machine learning. Businesses that still hold on to outdated ways of technology will never grow up to their full potential. As a business, you will reap great benefits if you are supported by the latest technology trends. Small businesses, especially, have to be equipped with all the newest technology breakthroughs, else they would fade out from the picture sooner or later.

2019 is expected to be a revolutionary year as far as technology trends are concerned. It is supposedly going to change the way tech-related products are consumed. So, here is our list of the top technology trends that are going to impact businesses in 2019!

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Artificial Intelligence has been a topic of discussion for quite some time now. There are some who fear the negative possibilities that Artificial Intelligence throws up. However, most of the people appreciate the benefits that come with it. 2018 was a great year for Artificial Intelligence.  It captured a large chunk of businesses through Automation. Businesses today use Artificial Intelligence to carry out a number of tasks, which enables them to provide better-quality services to their consumers. It also gives them an edge over their competitors. The integration of chatbots has gained immense popularity across many digital platforms. These chatbots provide easy assistance to visitors and consumers. 2019 is expected to witness further AI integrations which would continue to bring more innovations in the business world.

2. Augmented And Virtual Reality:

Both augmented and virtual reality have developed a lot in the past few years. With virtual reality, one can go into a virtual, but also a real environment at the same time. As far as augmented reality is concerned, it adds a lot of information, in addition to the physical environment, and thus makes buying a new and better experience altogether. Both these technologies have increased importance in the business world these days. This trend is expected to grow even more in the coming years because it generates genuine interest from the consumers. Even businesses find this concept of combining the experiences of digital and real world quite fascinating. AR and VR technologies are not only present in retail and real estate today, but also in various other sectors such as medicine, healthcare and manufacturing businesses.

3. Blockchain:

Blockchain is a type of distributed ledger which has revolutionised the way any exchange of information was tracked and verified. Most of the businesses today use blockchain as it enables trust and provides transparency in the business system.  It can actually be seen as an alternative trust mode, in place of the banks, governments and the other institutions which act as central authorities for any kind of transaction to take place. This traditional system lets to delays and also friction costs during transactions. With blockchain, there is no such delays and it also lowers costs and improves cash flow. The year 2019 is going to see many modern organisations apply blockchain in order to increase collaboration and thus blockchain will become an integral part of all the relevant business platforms throughout the world.

4. Internet Of Things:

The Internet of Things is nothing but a series of physical objects such as machines, smart devices and home appliances which are connected to the internet and also connected to each other, enabling them to communicate and share data, without any human interference. It is expected to become a favourite with most businesses very soon. Nowadays, more and more IOT devices are in demand, such as Echo, Google’s Assistant and Alexa. The IOT devices are extremely beneficial for businesses as they allow them to know about their customers, which in turn helps them to improve the overall experience that is provided to those customers. It also increases business efficiency as well as reduces costs. As the demand for IOT devices is likely to grow, more IOT devices are expected to be produced as well as used. The Internet of Things benefits not only the companies but also the consumers, and hence is going to be one of the biggest tech trends in 2019.

5. Cloud Integration:

A number of companies have already been affected by cloud computing. With each passing year, the importance of cloud integration grows. Most companies today choose cloud-based solutions. With cloud, businesses get various options to save files as well as to support external resources. Cloud solutions play a big role in improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a business. It is also far more reliable and secure than any other solutions. This is a technology trend that is anticipated to grow more in 2019, as it provides numerous benefits to the users.


So, this was our list of the top five technology trends which are likely to impact businesses in 2019. Technology is an ever-changing field. So, you never really know, when one trend goes past the other and becomes more popular. However, going by various statistics from numerous sources, it is safe to say that these five trends will be highly active in enhancing the role of technology in the business world in 2019.

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