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Popular Courses in Canada

Popular Courses in Canada

Popular Courses in Canada

Canada is the second largest country in the world by area. It is located in North America and is dominated by forests and plantations. Most of the country is divided into small urban cities where people live, while the rest is occupied by forests and tundra. Due to its large size, Canada has a variety of Climates in different parts, from being very cold in the north to being warm in the southern parts. Canada is a developed nation and is the 16th largest economy in terms of nominal GDP. It is known for its all-round development and ranks high in many aspects. It is ranked 12th in the Human development index and has a high tolerance for non-nationals.

Canadians are known for, and often portrayed as very friendly and optimistic people. This is very true as the country is known for its progressive schemes, not only towards its own citizens but for immigrants from various nations. Canadian immigration laws allow a great amount of freedom. Unlike its neighbour, the United States of America, Canada has a very less crime rate and is ranked highly on many quality of life indices. It is the tenth largest economy in the world and relies heavily on its natural resources as the country has some of the highest forest regions in the world. Canada is considered to be a “middle power” and not a superpower by many nations. It still has a great level of influence. It has maintained its role as the global peacekeeper since the 20th century.

Canada is very keen on development of science and technology and spends approximately $31 billion CD on research and development. The country has 13 Nobel laureates in various fields including medicine. Almost all the citizens of the country have internet access, one of the highest in the world. The healthcare in Canada is universal. Healthcare is one of the most important things for Canadians as the government spends a lot towards the healthcare of its citizens. Canada is diverse and is filled with people from all over the world. Due to its high tolerance and welcoming nature, many people have moved to Canada for a better life.

Education is also very good in Canada as is the case with many developed countries. Many students from around the world come to the country to pursue many different courses in myriad of fields. The cost of living and tuition fee are generally reasonable and lesser than the USA. As Canada has some of the world’s most famous universities such as the University of Toronto, it has become a hotspot for international students to pursue their certificate education in. Over 50% of adults in the country have an undergraduate degree or higher, the highest in the world. Education is pretty strong in Canada and has always been one of its strong suites.

Some of the most popular courses in Canada are MBA, CS & IT etc. But, medicine is also one of the fields that are growing in popularity among international students. Not all medical schools in Canada offer applications to international students. Also, there is no bachelor program in medicine. MBBS in Canada doesn’t exist. Instead, students are required to complete at least a Bachelors course in biology or science. After that, one can pursue an MD program. Canada is rigorous when it comes to education. And when it comes to medical training, it is very strict too.

The general belief in Canada is that one can only be a good medical professional if one has good knowledge of the science before starting a practical course in medicine and surgery. That’s why Canadian schools do not offer MBBS or other Bachelors programmes in medicine or surgery. But, this has many benefits as it means that the medical professionals of the country are very well educated and have had a lot of experience and knowledge in the field. This is why Canadian hospitals are very famous in the world in many areas. Canada has some of the best doctors in the world. Other courses such as microbiology, AI etc. are also picking up pace and many courses are getting popular in Canada.

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