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How To Use Augmented Reality For Your Business

How To Use Augmented Reality For Your Business
How To Use Augmented Reality For Your Business
Are you acquainted with the concept of augmented reality? Do not mix it up with virtual reality. The latter is a completely virtual environment built around a user. While in augmented reality, virtual objects are put into existing surroundings. That’s exactly why augmented reality is more real and interactive. One of the greatest things about AR is that all you need is a smartphone to experience it. You don’t need to buy an expensive and bulky VR headset. This fact implies that AR clearly has more potential to be widespread. Accessing VR content is as easy as accessing Spectrum Internet Customer service. A total no-brainer!

Today businesses and new startups want to use AR technology in different business and marketing strategies. Let’s explore the amazing potential of AR and the areas where it can help your business.


If used creatively, AR will let you explore numerous possibilities in marketing. You can have more and more engagement and can gain loyalty for other brands as well as their products. How incredible it would be to see the details and price of every product right on your smartphone while visiting their store. Even more amazing if you could view the discounts and special offers on them. AR can make your marketing game more effective. Customers will find it fun too.

If you talk about incorporating AR marketing tactics in kids’ brands and products, the options are even more interesting. You can turn a mall into an incredible amusement park. You can have them interact and play with virtual characters and have fun mazes and tasks to complete.


With an AR app, you can be innovative with landscaping (in whatever you are dealing with). If you are an interior designer, you can decorate an apartment and place virtual décor items and furniture to see how it looks. Similarly, if you are working in the construction industry, you can make high rises or houses objects around the construction site.  You can do all of this to get a good view even before you actually build anything. Interestingly, you can take measurements without an actual tape measure. You can even calculate automatically all the cost involved in a particular project. How convenient is that?

Sports Apps

We all know how dedicated and passionate Sports fans are about their hobby. Some are all about live sports and catching the live action. While others prefer technology to be able to see their favorite games. With the Sports AR apps, you can not only enjoy sports on your gadget screen but can also replay your favorite moments, as many times as you want.  You also get to see the game stats. You can find out the speed, ball trajectory, and a lot of incredible details.

AR Dating Services

Dating is an essential segment of the internet. Users on dating sites are increasing with every passing day. Millions of users are looking for the right match for them and buddies to hang out with. The said trend has led to the mobile-optimization of these sites. Some absolutely successful instances are Tinder and Badoo. Not only these apps are effective, but they are also simple to use. Augmented reality is new to dating sites. If you use it creatively, you can engage so many people and have them find their soulmates.


Medical apps are gaining more and more popularity. People are becoming conscious about their health and fitness. And now, medical apps are trending worldwide. So much so that they are only second to gaming apps. Incorporating AR in medical apps could be very innovative. You can explore and introduce all the incredible possibilities for the users of these apps. The potential of AR can be extraordinary when it comes to medicine. Doctors can actually see 3D images of the MRI while they are just talking to the patients and analyze their movements.


Shopping has been greatly facilitated by online shopping amenities. Although, introducing AR in the online shopping experience can completely revolutionize it. Take the instance of buying furniture. The biggest concern that we have while shopping furniture is whether it will fit the space well or not. AR can solve this problem. Visual designers can show you the whole picture and make your shopping decisions easy.

Without physical bringing in the piece of furniture, you can place it at the desired spot in your apartment with AR. IKEA is one of those futuristic stores, which have introduced AR ideas in their new AR app. You can design and decorate your apartment/room, choose color schemes and make the right combos.

These are just a few instances of how AR technology can transform your business, whatever it is. I have tried decorating my own room with my Spectrum Internet using AR technology. It was actually too good to be true and helped me make the right decisions for my home décor and renovation.

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