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5 Different Ways Marijuana Can Be Used?

5 Different Ways Marijuana Can Be Used?
5 Different Ways Marijuana Can Be Used?
Marijuana is one of the common substances people use all over the world. Popular species include cannabis Sativa and cannabis indica, Sativa being the most widely known strain. Over the past few years, marijuana has become mainstream for its numerous medicinal benefits. Today, doctors can prescribe cannabis for treating chronic pain in arthritis patients, post-chemotherapy systems, appetite disorders, sleep and mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, among others. Besides its medicinal uses, marijuana is also available for recreational purposes.

However, before using marijuana, there are various considerations and aspects to review. If you are using the product to treat a given medical condition, you must choose the right mode of delivery for your situation. For instance, topical creams are more suitable than vaping for treating skin conditions. Marijuana comes in various forms, including dry herbs, edibles and gummies, waxes and shatters, concentrates and isolates, powders, supplements, oils and tinctures, among others. Here is a brief look at some of the different ways you can use marijuana:

1. Smoking (Traditional Joint)

5 Different Ways Marijuana Can Be Used?
5 Different Ways Marijuana Can Be Used?
Smoking is one of the earliest styles of using cannabis and other dry herbs. Before the invention of vaporizers, smoking was the most popular way most people took marijuana. It is very potent, and anyone can easily smoke the traditional joint. You can hand roll marijuana into cigarettes (joints) or smoke it in bongs (pipes). With bongs, the smoke passes through water before getting to your lungs. The bongs range from simple to more complex forms, so experiences may vary from one kit to another.

Joints are entirely filled with marijuana on their inner side and paper on the outside. You can find glossy or waxed paper to roll your joints. Other marijuana smoking methods include using a gas mask where you wear a mask attached to the top of your bong to ensure the smoke doesn’t escape. You can also smoke marijuana out of a tin foil, soda can, wooden pipe and many more.

2. Vaping And Dabbing

5 Different Ways Marijuana Can Be Used?
5 Different Ways Marijuana Can Be Used?
Cannabis vaping is a new method of using marijuana that became popular shortly after the introduction of e-cigarettes. It entails the use of battery-powered atomizers, just like in e-cigarettes or other similar devices. The vape pen will combust marijuana into a vapor that you can then inhale. To get the best experience, it is recommended that you find high-quality vaporizers and vaping materials. One great example is flyte pen kit, which is a breakthrough in the vaping industry.

Different vape pens work with different products, so a vaporizer that uses concentrates will not necessarily vaporize dry herbs or oil. Dabbing is another option very close to vaping. It involves placing marijuana waxes and concentrates on a hot surface and inhaling the vapour. You can find different types of vaporizers and dab kits to use with your marijuana product.

3. Edibles And Gummies

You can incorporate marijuana into food items, especially in states where recreational marijuana is legal. Classic examples of such foods include marijuana sweets, chewing gums, brownies, and cannabutter, chocolate, popcorn, candy and marijuana lollipops. You can also add CBD to beverages such as tea and beer or even soft drinks such as soda. Other ways include using marijuana oil in cooking, especially in baked foods.

Ingesting marijuana is not as potent as vaping or smoking since your body has to digest and absorb it. However, taking cannabis products such as CBD oil with food is more effective. Edibles offer a convenient way to use marijuana without smoke. They are also great when you want to mask the natural marijuana flavor. What's more, ingesting marijuana gives you long-lasting effects and is also good for your digestive health.

4. Taking CBD Oils And Tinctures

5 Different Ways Marijuana Can Be Used?
5 Different Ways Marijuana Can Be Used?
If you prefer marijuana, that is entirely smokeless, oils and tinctures provide some of the best options. Hemp and CBD (cannabidiol) oil are the most popular marijuana oil products. Oils use carriers like coconut, sesame and olive oil to hold the active compounds in marijuana. Tinctures, on the other hand, are either alcohol or oil-based extracts. Alcohol is the common solvent manufacturers use to carry tinctures due to its effectiveness in breaking down acidic and basic components of the plant extract.

Oils and tinctures have a high concentration of CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). As such, they are recommendable for medical uses. They are potent, offer long-lasting effects of cannabinoids, are safe, easy to consume and dose, and also have a long shelf life. To use oils and tinctures, place under the tongue using a dropper (tit pipette).

5. Topical Creams And Balms

Topical application of marijuana is another emerging way of using the infamous flowering plant for its medical benefits. According to studies, ointments and lotions are particularly ideal for soothing sore muscles and treating skin infections such as dermatitis and psoriasis.

However, the topical application does not deliver the active compounds into your bloodstream. As such, this method does not provide the broad spectrum of therapeutic and medical benefits you get from vaping or ingesting marijuana. When choosing topical marijuana, it is essential to pay closer attention to other micronutrients within the formula, especially if you are using them for a specific skin condition.


There are many more ways that you can use marijuana, including CBD water, sprays, isolates, shatters and capsules. Modern users are very creative and come up with astonishing new ways of consuming cannabis. It is of paramount importance that you choose the appropriate method to ingest the plant depending on your unique needs.

If you are using marijuana for medical reasons, make sure you consult your doctor on the ideal dosage and mode of delivery. More importantly, you should choose high-quality organic marijuana products from reputable retailers and dispensaries within your region. This way, you will guarantee the efficacy of your marijuana and avoid the adverse effects of sub-standard products. Proper maintenance of vape pens and dab kits is also essential if you want consistent vaping experience.

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