Effective Food Ingredients For Acne-Free Skin

Effective Food Ingredients For Acne-Free Skin
Effective Food Ingredients For Acne-Free Skin
Everyone’s desires a blemish-free
skin but very few possess it. Do you know why? It is so because knowingly or unknowingly
they are eating the right combination of foods. Hence, their skin thanks them
every bit with a glowing, healthy skin.
Inflammation, extreme oil
production, blocked pores, and bacteria living on the surface of skin cause
acne. While on one hand, some foods aggravate the acne condition (by setting
off allergic or hormonal reactions), there are others that assists in the
prevention and cure of acne. Unlike other products
is safe and natural product and can help to manage
Here is an acne-diet list for you
all: some fruits and vegetables. Please have a look.


Apples are loaded with
antioxidants and offers assistance in the detoxification process of the body.
Various studies have shown that eating at least 3 apples a day helps in getting
rid of breakouts and promotes the healing. Applying apple juice topically on
the acne also helps in the purge and production of new cells.


Avocados are rich in Vitamin E.
Eating them regularly helps in checking the breakouts effectively. Also they
have high amount of monosaturated fats and are low in bad fats, associated with
acne. Applying avocado oil limits the release of sebum oil which contributes to
acne development.


Lemon has mild astringent
properties in addition to being as antiseptic. The astringent properties
tighten the skin, thus drawing out the oil from the skin surface.  The antiseptic properties help in killing the
bacteria living in or above the skin surface. Lemon juice also decreases acne.
Vitamin C present in lemon helps in collagen development.


Mangoes are full of enzymes such
as oxidase, catechol, lactase and magneferin. These boost the immune system.
These enzymes are good for digestion and intestinal health. Loaded with Vitamin
and beta-carotene, mangoes repair, revitalize and restore the skin. It eases
the blocked pores. Topical application also helps in curing acne.


Unripe papaya has an enzyme
papain in it. This enzyme is capable of decomposing certain proteins on the
skin.  This leads to removal of dead
calls from the surface of the skin and encourage the development of new cells.
The enzyme takes up the proteins from underneath the skin. This result in
reduction of pus and swelling credited to pimples.


Broccoli is low in glycemic index
which means that consumption of this vegetable does not stimulate release of
glucose into the bloodstream which causes acne breakouts. Cabbage holds
indole-3-carbonile, a strong antioxidant that assists in liver detoxification.
It benefits skin by removing the toxicities that if left in the bloodstream
causes acne.


Cabbage supplies vitamin C, a
skin-friendly vitamin. It contains anti-inflammatory qualities which makes it a
perfect eatable for acne treatment. Eating it raw manifolds the benefits–your
skin will thank you. It can be used as a poultice to treat acne.


Bacteria and toxins that do not
get released result in acne. Spinach is a good source of Vitamin A, a natural
anti-acne agent. Spinach is loaded with chlorophyll which helps in the body’s
purification process i.e., expels acne-causing bacteria and toxins from the
bloodstream and digestive tract. It is also a good source of iron and zinc.
Zinc is an efficient acne deterrent.


Carrots are good source of all
acne fighters –Vitamin A, carotene, zinc. Eat it raw or apply the juice
topically. You will benefit both ways. Vitamin A or retinoids is the main
ingredient of some popular topical creams as well. It contains retinoids with
the purpose already discussed in this article.
The causes for acnes are
different for different people. Though these fruits and vegetables are helpful
but some people may be allergic to one or the other food type and miss out on
the healing process. These people should try OTC cures. They are full of all
the needed Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin b12 and Vitamin E.
Go grab it and have an acne-free

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