6 Reasons To Love Your Heart


Heart disease is the leading
cause of death in the United States but an estimated 80% of cases are
preventable by taking simple steps to improve and preserve heart health.

This February marks the 56th
consecutive American Heart Month. Heart health is important all year-round, but
American Heart Month is dedicated to raising awareness about cardiovascular
health and taking steps toward healthier hearts and healthier futures.
Cardiovascular problems can wreak
havoc on your entire body, from your brain to your erection. Here are 6 reasons
you should start taking better care of your heart:
6 Reasons To Love Your Heart
6 Reasons To Love Your Heart

1. Better
Brain Health

The brain is perhaps the most
important organ in the human body, though some would argue it’s the heart. The
truth is that the two are closely linked in ways you may not realize. A healthy
heart pumps oxygenated blood throughout the body, including to the brain.
Carotid cardiovascular disease and other health issues can compromise blood
flow to the brain, increasing your risk of stroke.

Improved Physical Ability

Proper circulation is the key to
healthy bodily function. When blood flow to the heart becomes compromised, it
causes chest pain known as angina. Stable angina, commonly caused by coronary
artery disease, may cause pain during physical exertion. Improving heart health
and circulation can resolve symptoms and improve physical ability.

Improved Sexual Performance

Healthy blood flow is essential
to achieve and maintain an erection. In many men, erectile dysfunction is an
early warning sign of cardiovascular disease. In addition to improving your
heart health, taking daily generic Cialis
can help treat your ED.

4. Better
Arm & Leg Health

When plaque builds up in the
arteries, it can cause the arteries to narrow and thicken, cutting off blood
flow to the organs and limbs. Peripheral artery disease can cause numbness and
pain in the affected limb while also increasing your risk of infection.
Improving heart health may help resolve symptoms of peripheral artery disease
including arm and leg numbness or pain.

Improved Kidney Health

High blood pressure is a leading
risk factor for both heart disease and kidney disease because these two organs
work closely together. Cardiovascular disease can cause poor blood flow to the
kidneys, reducing their function. The kidneys play a role in regulating blood
pressure so, when their function is compromised, it may cause the heart to work
harder which increases the risk of heart disease.

6. Better

People who don’t get enough sleep
often develop high blood pressure which correlates with a higher risk for heart
disease. Conversely, congestive heart failure and other forms of heart disease
can cause issues that may interrupt sleep. Sleep apnea is characterized by
intermittent pauses in breathing during sleep and it is commonly caused by
heart failure.
Every decision you make affects
your heart health from the food you eat to the amount of exercise you get.
Though you may not be able to prevent certain health problems, taking care of
your body means taking care of your heart. When your heart is healthy, the rest
will follow, so start loving your heart!
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