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How To Download YouTube Videos?

How To Download YouTube Videos?
How To Download YouTube Videos?
YouTube has been one of the top entertainment websites for quite some time now. YouTube has a vast library of content for us and we can also make our videos and put it on the platform.

We require a good internet connection to watch YouTube videos and the speed of the internet connection must be good because these days videos are of high quality that need more juice than Normal. So, if you don’t have a good internet connection, you can use the download option. YouTube does not provide the download option; you have to resort to some other means.

But that does not mean that it doesn’t allow us to download the videos. Downloading videos can also be beneficial if you have limited internet data, you can download the videos on Wi-Fi and view them later at your convenience.

The Legality Of Downloading YouTube Videos

If you are using third-party tools to download the videos, you are going against YouTube’s policies. The policy clearly states that it is illegal to download videos off YouTube. You are only allowed to watch the videos using their servers.

Downloading the YouTube videos opens you up to copyright infringement unless you have permission from the copyright holder. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in a legal battle with a giant company with lots of money.

Now, let’s look at how you can download YouTube videos with ease.

Download On Mobile App

Yes, YouTube mobile app allows us to download the videos for viewing later on. You don’t need to use any third-party tools to download the videos on the YouTube mobile app. But you must know that the downloaded videos can only be played on the YouTube app. They download it in a special format video that shows only on the YouTube app. Any third-party tools wouldn’t be able to access those videos.

So, use only the YouTube app to download and watch videos. But there is a catch with it, you won’t be able to download all the videos because it depends on the uploader. If the uploader has allowed for offline viewing, only then you will be able to download the YouTube video on your mobile app.

So, the mobile version might not be of any help for most people as it is not the perfect plan. If you want to download the videos on your desktop, then you need to use third-party tools with help of this site.

How To Download YouTube Videos On PC

There are a few downloading options when it comes to Desktop. You would need the help of a good YouTube Downloader tool. Find one, download and install it on your computer.

Now, you need to provide the YouTube video link in the tool and let it process the link. After a few seconds, the tool will provide the download links along with the video quality and size. You need to click on the download links that suits your needs and click on the download button.

This way you will be able to download any YouTube video on your desktop computer.

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