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So You Want To Sell Your Art? Here Are 5 Online Platforms

So You Want To Sell Your Art? Here Are 5 Online Platforms
So You Want To Sell Your Art? Here Are 5 Online Platforms
Gone are the days of selling art through the conventional methods of displaying them at a boutique or booking up a gallery. Internet selling has taken commercial markets by storm. Luckily, encompassing even beautiful things like literature and the arts. With an increased online market share, the horizons have broadened, an artist is now easily exposed to wider markets and hence infinite potential.

More exposure also means greater competition; it is like setting your place in an overcrowded area. If you want to sell art online, here are some fantastic tips that can help you break that ice. If you're going to sell your art and are searching for some excellent online web source, here is a rundown of 5 online platforms that can facilitate selling your artwork.

1. Saatchi Art

One of the most comprehensive and probably the most prominent online art selling platforms, Saatchi art has a huge number of artists and artworks displayed. Setting up a shop with Saatchi is an easy run through; however, getting limelight is another thing. They have designated featured art sections and editor's picks, getting on that front line might be a tough nut to crack, but it is worth all that effort. If you are looking for some high-end buyers for your remarkable artwork, then this platform is the perfect place to be. Running on a commission basis, you will get a cutoff of sixty-five percent on your sales proceeds. Saatchi takes care of the delivery part of your selling. However, you will have to manage the packaging. This non-exclusive art gallery gives you the freedom to display your artwork wherever you want. Saatchi art has been long in business, and they play their marketing cards well. They have 18 international fairs and art shows that maximize exposure, a popular blog, and a robust social media presence is what makes Saatchi the star of the show.

2. Artfinder

It is a selling platform that focuses on the importance of building a relationship between a buyer and a seller. Artfinder wants to know you and the story behind each of your artwork so that a buyer can pick what resonates with them. Branding itself as the dating site for the art, customers come looking for a personalized experience. An advanced matching technology at Art finder can work well for you if you play the right keywords. Getting through art finder is a little difficult as compared to other art selling sites but the competition is low here, and also you can find better clientele and better deals. You get a cut of sixty-seven percent on your sales but, you will have to bear the cost of shipping and packaging. The art finder is a great source for fine arts and serves the purpose of recognizing good art talent.

So You Want To Sell Your Art? Here Are 5 Online Platforms
So You Want To Sell Your Art? Here Are 5 Online Platforms

3. Etsy

Another one of the most popular platforms to sell your artwork and other creatives. Etsy is a selling platform that connects artists and small entrepreneurs all across the globe. You can sell your work under the art and collectible section on this platform. The good part about getting a space on Etsy is that the registration process is smooth, and there is a great line of customer services that can help you in setting up a virtual shop on this platform. Etsy has a big social presence and its artwork gets popularised through various channels like Pinterest and Instagram. Etsy charges a designated fee for every item you sell. There are unlimited opportunities over this platform, and many small and big artists are making an income by selling their artwork right from watercolor posters to custom portraits.

4. Fiverr

It does not run on a commission basis; rather, it is a customer-centric platform. For anyone who wants something unique can request an artist to make an art piece for them. This specific artwork can be customized as per the needs of a client often for merchandising purposes like book covers, posters, art linings, and also in the form of digital art for video games. Any artist who can communicate well with the clients and materialize their requirements can make big bucks on this platform. So if you are an artist who does not want to confine in a traditional way of art and art selling, this platform will serve as your magic lamp.

5. Absolut Art

This platform is of the new baby among all but not any less impactful. The absolut brand initiative, this platform serves as a launchpad for the contemporary artists who want to go e-commercing their work. The entire concept of this platform revolves around selling authentic, limited edition pieces that are signed by the artist. They pay huge attention to deliver your work on the best quality print and framing. All the artwork that gets a display on the site gets through a screening process by an expert team. Hence, the display is well-curated. The artist cutoff is fifty percent, and it is a fantastic place for creatives to share space with some renowned names in the field.

So much of your creativity and input goes into getting an art piece together. You may or may not be having a taste or urge to get into the commercialization of it all. However, you can easily break the starving artist cliche by showcasing your work at any or multiple of these platforms. It is not much you have to do about online marketing, however, a little amount of input to make your work stand out is all that you need.

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