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4 Smart Home Development Ideas that can Change your Lifestyle

The "smart home" system protects your property from penetration, leaks and fire. Smart homes can save a lot of energy, water and electricity bills will surprise you. Advanced features allow you to control lighting, climate, video and audio technology not only at home but worldwide. "This is the definition of the site for one of the capital's real estate developers who have the technical efficiency and is one of the arguments for buying houses. If you consider the details, you can divide the" smart home "system into several levels, like many home automation ideas that can be installed separately and complement each other.

In any home, the simplest and cheapest devices are cameras, smoke and water sensors, door-to-door connections and Wi-Fi intermediates that can be placed in conventional cameras. In order to equip the house with such equipment, no other infrastructure is required during the maintenance or construction phase. Just place the sensors in the apartment according to the manufacturer's recommendations and define their control rights via a single hub, which is a small home server that does not go beyond the router. With this "brain" you can control sensors and everything that happens to your smartphone, anywhere, where you can access the Internet. The most obvious example is: you can remove the iron connection remotely in the morning storm, but you can't remember if you disconnected it. Another situation is that older family members live in apartments equipped with sensors and regularly monitored by webcams. Many manufacturers provide equipment that can simulate the homeowner's presence, which can save uninvited guests.

Without the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning (computer trends in recent years), it is impossible to take such measures. The main advantage of this technology is that the end-user - the owner of a smart home - does not have to have a home computer centre like a personal computer. Broadband networks have enabled IT giants such as Microsoft and Amazon to establish or expand their business through cloud services. All cost estimates are performed externally and data is transferred immediately. The side effect of these processes is the accumulation of large amounts of data on smart home operations somewhere. Although it offers many opportunities to analyze this data and the appearance of more advanced products in the market.

4 Brands to use for Home Automation:


Many manufacturers offer smart sensor settings, but Xiaomi is one of the most comprehensive product lines available today. From docks and accessories to Wi-Fi scales and robotic vacuum cleaners, there are a hundred different devices that work in a single ecosystem. Yes, you need to create a separate account, but if you are the owner of the brand's smartphone, you may already have an account.


One of the recent examples is to integrate popular voice assistants directly into household appliances. This means that you do not need to buy a speaker to access its smart features via voice commands. All items in the smart W Collection have a mini-screen where the system can advise on the cooking process or even display recipes when asked. Artificial intelligence will examine your habits, and later suggest that this cooking is based on the time of day and other parameters obtained.


A private but interesting case of smart home technology. We use mirrors and receive visual information every day. But what happens if you finish it and make it useful? The smart mirror of the same name has an integrated LCD screen, a microphone, a speaker and a camera and works interactively. One of its main features is an exercise: more than 50 workouts from various disciplines are loaded into the device's memory, including aerobic exercise, weight training, yoga, boxing, Pilates. If you wear a portable sensor, the device will know more about you and offer you a personalized program. Finally, you can take photos with your own reflection.


The Japanese company claims that the Panasonic kitchen is a large-scale concept of a future home and is integrated into a smart home. Instantly displayed: artificial intelligence, a large number of visual "chips", such as recipe presentations and desktop presentations and personalized robot servers. The refrigerator itself orders the necessary products, and pots and pans can be placed anywhere on the table - for example, she understands that it is not a wooden plate but that heating is on. When everything is ready, the plate takes the plate and takes guests to the robot.  

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