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7 Useful Tips That Help Visually Enlarge A Small Kitchen

7 Useful Tips That Help Visually Enlarge A Small Kitchen
7 Useful Tips That Help Visually Enlarge A Small Kitchen
If you have a large kitchen, then you probably have never wondered how to fit everything and at the same time leave the work surface for cooking. Unfortunately, people who have a small kitchen often face this urgent problem. It is essential to keep everything at hand and maintain an atmosphere of comfort in the kitchen. In this article, we gathered seven useful tips that help visually enlarge a small kitchen.

1. Mirrors

When it comes to small spaces, mirror and mirror surfaces are the designers' favorite tools. The mirror allows you to visually increase the space and creates the illusion of a continuation of the room. In addition, light tends to reflect from the mirror surface, which helps make the kitchen look larger. Rooms with plenty of light always seem big because few dark areas hide the space in the shade.

2. Show Everything That Is Hidden

Open shelves and storage areas can help the room look lighter. Unlike closed cupboards, which seem cumbersome in a small room, open shelves will become a good option. The kitchen will cease to be a monolith from cupboards and everything you need will always be available.

You can also use various hanging structures and railing systems in the kitchen. They don’t waste the working surface of kitchen furniture, allow you to use the kitchen space to the maximum, and keep your kitchen equipment at hand at the same time. The only thing to remember is that dust usually collects faster on open shelves, so they may require a little more care than regular, closed cupboards.

3. White Color

Choose white color for your kitchen if you want to make it visually more spacious, light, and cozy. If you don’t want to make the entire kitchen white, then try to paint the walls white or hang white kitchen cupboards. In addition to white color for the kitchen, you can use neutral shades or pastel colors. Pay attention to powdery colors, menthol, cream, or gray. They are perfect for small rooms because such shades add brightness but don’t overload the room.

4. Add More Light

Fill your kitchen with light and it will visually become larger. It looks great if the kitchen has natural light. That’s why it is better to avoid curtains made from thick heavy fabrics. However, you shouldn’t leave the windows “naked”. If you want to add coziness, hang a light tulle in the kitchen and a carved openwork lambrequin from the decor. Everything else will visually make the window construction heavier.

5. Entertaining Geometry

Create the illusion of a large space with vertical and horizontal lines. Use vertical lines to increase the height of the walls or horizontal lines to make the kitchen wider. You can also combine these two options to achieve a better effect.

6. Creativity In Everything

Your kitchen has everything you need for cooking, but there is no room left for a classic dining table. In this case, you can book a custom-sized table and you will have not only a place for gatherings in the kitchen but also exclusive and original furniture. If there is not enough room for any table in the kitchen, folding tables are specially designed for such cases. One movement of the hand and you have a full table for lunch.

7. Marvelous Transformers

If you have a small workspace and need an extra surface, retractable worktops will help you with this. Just push them when you need to cut or put something and push the worktop back. In this way, you will have the needed space and tools in the kitchen at the same time.

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