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Things You Might Now Know About Saw Palmetto

Things You Might Now Know About Saw Palmetto
Things You Might Now Know About Saw Palmetto
Saw palmetto, or Serenoa repens is a fruit which can be made as a supplement and comes from a tree with the same name that is indigenous to the southeast of USA.

They are commonly used to keep the prostate healthy and to lessen the risk of baldness in men. You can order saw palmetto online, but make sure to be aware of the benefits and uses that it can provide you.

Better Control Of Testosterone Levels

With continuous use of saw palmetto, it lessens the activity of 5a-R, which is an enzyme that changes testosterone to dihydrotestosterone or DHT, which is a sex hormone that helps maintain testosterone levels.

When you can control your testosterone, your health, body and sex drive are a few of the factors that can be improved with the use of saw palmetto.

Helps In The Prevention Of Hair Loss

This is a condition that is dreaded by men. Saw palmetto could assist in balancing the levels of men's hormones, thus lessening the risk of going bald. It is also seen to stop hair loss, as it decreases the growth of DHT in the follicles, thus reducing its tendency to link itself to hormone receptors.

Improve Prostate Health

As the prostate is known to maintain sperm health, it will be better to take supplements that could help in preventing any possible diseases that might affect your prostate.

Research shows that it does help in preventing prostate cancer cells from spreading or growing. This process is done by stopping specific receptors that are directly involved in the development of cancer.

Lessen Inflammation

Saw palmetto includes epicatechin and methyl gallate, which are antioxidants that stop cells from being damaged, decreases inflammation and protects one from chronic diseases.

Takes Care Of Urinary Tract Functions

Problems in the urinary tract often occur for men who are older and may include issues such as incontinence and urinary problems. Saw palmetto is seen to improve symptoms that may lead to BPH or benign prostate hyperplasia.

Conditions That Saw Palmetto May Be Able To Treat

Before you order saw palmetto online, it is best to be aware of the symptoms that it can help treat:

● A tendency to frequently urinate than usual, especially at night
● Difficulty in starting to urinate
● Does not produce a healthy amount of urine

Medications That You Need To Watch Out For

If you would like to take saw palmetto as a supplement, you have to consider the types of medicines that you are already taking, as it may affect the efficacy that you should be experiencing.

If you are taking birth control pills, you have to either stop taking these pills or saw palmetto, as it lessens the effect of estrogen.

Saw palmetto is known to slow the blood clotting process. So if you are taking it regularly, and you might need to take in anticoagulants, it is better to stop taking saw palmetto in the duration that your doctor requires you to take anticoagulants.


There may be other beneficial effects that saw palmetto could provide you, but it is best to be aware, considering your medical history and your needs, and the right amount of dosage that will be best for you.

No matter what happens, it is best to be aware of the other effects that your body may experience from taking in saw palmetto, so your doctor can advise the next best steps.

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