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Choosing A Lucrative Career: 5 Top Engineering Careers To Consider

Choosing A Lucrative Career: 5 Top Engineering Careers To Consider
Choosing A Lucrative Career: 5 Top Engineering Careers To Consider
There's no doubting the fact that engineering is simply one of the most lucrative career options out there. Research consistently shows that engineers have the highest-paid average starting salary of all new graduates, and the trend stays true once you get to mid-career and late-career salaries as well.

Clearly, if you want a lucrative career to prepare you for an enjoyable retirement, then engineering is a great career option to go with.

However, there are many different engineering careers you could consider. How do you know which one to choose?

In this article, we'll help you with that exact question. We'll present five high-paying engineering careers for you to think over as you decide which of the many jobs in engineering you want to have

1. Mechanical Engineer

One of the most common types of engineering jobs is the mechanical engineering role. Mechanical engineers have the broadest engineering curriculum in school. That means that they go a mile wide and an inch deep.

Once they graduate, mechanical engineers will often find themselves with design roles for all types of engineering firms. They may engineer a new type of bracket to hold two components in a product together. They may do some computer modeling to analyze stresses on the product.

Think of mechanical engineers as jacks of all trades in the engineering world.

2. Aerospace Engineer

The aerospace engineer takes much of what the mechanical engineer knows and applies it directly to aerospace applications. Aerospace engineers end up working for companies like SpaceX, NASA, and defense contracting companies that build missiles and rockets.

These engineers are well-versed in how to make things fly.

3. Industrial Engineer

The industrial engineer works in manufacturing plants. The role of an industrial engineer is to make recommendations to optimize the manufacturing workflow of the plant. Over the course of a few years, a good industrial engineer can save factories hundreds of thousands, if not several millions of dollars by increasing production efficiency.

Many industrial engineers also end up getting a Master's in Business Administration in the long-term, applying their optimization abilities to other industries.

4. Software Engineer

In a world run by computers, software engineers are in high demand. These folks are the ones responsible for building all of the software tools that make your life easier, like video conferencing options, social media networks, and email providers.

5. Civil Engineer

The civil engineer builds the infrastructure that our country runs on. They build bridges, design roads, and optimize traffic flow in cities. Civil engineer requirements include a great understanding of how to make these structures as safe as possible for public use.

Engineering Careers, Made Simple

There you have it. With this knowledge under your belt, you should have a far better appreciation for and understanding of the various engineering careers that promise lucrative earnings. If you think you have the academic acumen to survive a rigorous engineering curriculum, then there's no reason why you can't have this career yourself.

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