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Best Modern Spanish Girls Name Suggestions

Best Modern Spanish Girls Name Suggestions
Best Modern Spanish Girls Name Suggestions
In this article, we have some of the best Spanish Girl Name Suggestions.

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Best Spanish Girl Names


Mary, the name of the girl of Hebrew origin "Maryam", its meaning is "the chosen one", "the one loved by God".


Irene is a feminine name of Greek origin (Eirene).


Isabella, girl's name in Italian form of the name Isabel which means "Promise of God", "Who loves God".


Valeria, a girl's name of Latin origin and its meaning is "healthy and courageous".


Daniela, a girl's name of Hebrew origin, means "That God is her judge" or "God's Justice".


Elena is a feminine name of Latin origin.


Marta is a feminine name of Hebrew origin. The meaning of Marta is: "Lady".


Alba, girl's name of Latin origin, and means "Aurora", "Dawn", "white and shining", "the one who was born at the first light of dawn".


Paula, girl name of Latin origin "Paulus" and variant of Paola.


This original girl's name has become very popular in recent years and is one of the most sought after in our Parenting name search engine.

It has a Latin origin and is synonymous with freshness, vigor, freshness, youth. Until 1564, in France, the year began on April 1, so this is a trendy name in our neighboring country.


This name is traditional and, at the same time, a very original girl's name. Goretti comes from the surname of Santa Maria Goretti, a woman who was murdered in 1902 in Neptune, by a man who fell in love with her and, unable to seduce her, stabbed her. She died forgiving him.


Gala is a baby girl's name of Germanic origin and derived from the wild voice gal, named. This name refers to the Gallic tribe, barbarians established in France and means gray-haired or old and metonymy, ruler.


This girl's name is trendy, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries by Ada Lovelace, daughter of Lord Byron, and scientific mother of the analytical machine.

Ada is a name of Hebrew origin and was the name, in the Old Testament, of one of Esau's wives and the first wife of Lamech, son of Methuselah.


Estefanía is a trendy girl's name in our country and also in many other European countries such as France, Germany, or England. It is a name of Latin origin and means star.


Naiara is a Basque girl's name without translation. It seems to derive from the Arabic anijar, 'carpenter,' the term from which the La Rioja town of Nájera, whose main tradition in furniture craftsmanship, comes from.


Leire or Leyre is a typical feminine given name in the Basque Country and Navarra.


The female name of Basque origin means 'helical'. It has no equivalent in Spanish. Irati derives from Iratxe or Irache, which means fern and, in fact, the dedication of Santa María Real de Irache, in the town of Estrella in Navarra.


Lia is a variant girl name of Lea or Leah. It is of Latin origin and means lion; it is the female version of Leo.


Celia is a name for a girl of Latin origin that means heaven. It is also a hypocoristic or diminutive of Cecilia and the feminine of Celio.


Magalí is a name for a baby girl with Provencal origin, and that comes from a hypocoristic of Magalona, Occitan form of Magdalena.


Laia is a girl's name, a nickname for Eulalia, but it has become so popular that it is currently a name in itself. It has, therefore, Greek origin and means well-spoken, eloquent.


Aitana is a name for a girl of Basque origin that comes from aintzane, a Basque form of the name Gloria.


Elba is an original girl's name that has a Germanic origin and means elf, elf.


Chloe or Chloe is a girl's name of Greek origin, which means grass or green sprout. Its English variant is Chloe.

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So, these were some of the best Spanish Girl Name Suggestions.

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