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Top 5 Best Baby Spoons For Self Feeding In 2020

Top 5 Best Baby Spoons For Self Feeding In 2020
Top 5 Best Baby Spoons For Self Feeding In 2020
When it comes to baby care spoons are the least we care about, rather moms care more about baby safety, baby food and accessories that contribute to child-rearing. Why not? Cause spoons are just spoons right! And babies anyway end up picking food from the floor. Been there…?

It might not seem necessary for many parents to feed their baby with a fancy spoon. Most of the old school parents would agree to this and would be fine with feeding their baby with a regular spoon that they use to eat with. But the doctors and many pediatricians have recommended using a plastic spoon, as they don’t harm their fragile mouths. And the parents who give it a thought about the spoon find themselves in a dilemma, that it is way more complicated than it looks like, cause the spoon has to be used by the baby and babies chew on them repeatedly.

Don't worry we have made it easy for you to select the right spoon for your baby.

Here are our top 5 picks out of all the spoons out there in the market. Here are a few points you need to keep in mind while choosing the best baby spoons for self-feeding.

So choosing the right spoon for your baby circumscribes many factors that you need to consider.

1. Material

2. Size

3. The Person Who Will Be Feeding

4. Price

5. Baby’s Eating Habits

Here we will only be talking about the best self-feeding spoons.

1. Chew Me Dip’n Starter Spoon

These spoons have silicon heads. This means that they are flexible from the neck. You won't find your baby breaking another spoon banging on the table playing that uneasy music rather than eating. The head may be flexible but the handle of the spoon is rigid which gives your baby a good grip. These spoons have holes in their head. So even if you kid fails to pick some baby food using the spoon, some food may trap into these holes making the baby less annoyed.

2. Avanchy Bamboo Spoons

These spoons are Top-notch Hand Crafted spoons that will attract your baby. It has a baby-safe material for those who want to avoid plastic. The detachable spoon head makes it easy to clean. As the rest of the body is made of bamboo and renewable resources they can be recycled easily. With its detachable head babies may lose the spoon head or can be a victim to a choking hazard so do keep an eye on them while they eat. They also may cost you a bit more than a whole plastic or silicone spoon.

3. Olababy Silicone Teether.

These spoons are much smaller than other brands which make them easier for toddlers to use themselves. With an all silicone body, there are no chances of staining and it's easy to clean. With its small size, it's portable. These spoons may cost a bit less than the renewable bamboo spoons. But they might have a slight chemical odour which would make your baby a bit uncomfortable to eat with. Some parents have also said that they are insubstantial.

4. Baby Safe Fork And Spoon Set.

With a cute colourful appearance, it is the perfect spoon for babies on the go. It is the safest option for your baby when they start their exploration of the fork world. These spoons are latex-free, BPA free and Phthalate-free. With both the spoon and the fork as a set, it can get a bit pricey. These forks won't work as a traditional form because of its rounded design.

5. Soft-Tip First Stage Silicone Infant Spoons

As it goes by the name they are soft silicone and shallow spoon shapes which are perfect for tiny infants. Their designs are washing friendly and they can also be used as your baby ages. These spoons are coloured which can be harmful to your kids, as certain food materials may discolour these spoons.

So what about you? Have you decided what spoon you are gonna buy for your baby? If you still find yourself at the same spot visit Shavina Baby for online baby accessories shopping and information. Hit the link now and get exciting offers and discounts.

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