TIPS for booking a HOTEL


Book a hotel before

Before embarking on their adventure, many travelers decide
to book their hotels, in this way they are guaranteed that once they arrive at
their travel destination they already know where they are going to sleep. From
personal experience, we discovered that currently booking the hotel before
traveling is the best. Since if you travel without having booked your hotel
beforehand, the situation can be overwhelming, since what you find is not
always the best.

So the first advice we give you before traveling is to book
a hotel, and a good option is to do it with LBN Hotels. Another big question is
how long do I book my hotel? Well, the best time to reserve the hotel is to do
it with a maximum of 2 months and a minimum of 1 month. Since that is when the
prices are most competitive.

In what part of the
city do I book my hotel?

Every city has several different areas where you can book
accommodation. When we look for the hotel where we are going to stay we always
look for the most central areas. And we do this for two reasons, the first is
because the city center is where the main tourist attractions are usually found. And the second reason is that in the center of cities
there are usually restaurants and shops to walk around.

Almost never, if not to say, never would we choose a hotel
that was located on the outskirts or near the airport or bus or train stations
far from the center. Since it is true that we would be close to transport, but
as a general rule these hotels are far from the most important tourist spots
and the historic center.

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The price of the

Another of the most important points to book the hotel is
the price. First, we get information on blogs or websites that compare prices
to see what the average price of accommodation in our destination is. For all
trips, we have an average budget for accommodation expenses and we begin to
look for the hotel based on that average budget that we have chosen previously.