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Why and How To Choose A Ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is someone who writes texts on behalf of another for books, biographies, articles, columns, speeches or posts on social media and websites. There are many reasons why you would want to engage a ghostwriter; you will find them in this article. Because choosing the right ghostwriting solution is also very important, you will also find a number of tips that you can pay attention to when selecting a ghostwriter.

Why hire a ghostwriter?

1.      You want to write a book / article / column / speech but you just don't have time for it.

2.      You have to write texts for social media or your website, but you just have time or feel like it.

3.      You have dyslexia. This is surprisingly common among highly successful entrepreneurs and sometimes creates a problem when writing.

4.      You have no problem standing in front of a group and putting down a good story, but writing is not your thing.

5.      You have dozens of creative ideas every day, but it is difficult to articulate them in an understandable way.

6.      You've already started writing once but for some reason you can't finish it.

7.      You would like to write but the motivation and / or inspiration is lacking.

8.      When you talk, everyone understands you, because you may have a foreign background, writing can be a problem.

9.      You fear that you will not be taken seriously because you are not sure that you have mastered the grammar or spelling sufficiently.

10. You want to see your own name under an article or on a book because, due to marketing considerations, you have better brand awareness than your ghostwriter.

Which ghostwriter to choose?

1.      Does the ghostwriter have experience with the topic to write about?

2.      Does the ghostwriter have experience with the genre? (Novel, novella, biography, self-help, business or anniversary book)

3.      What experience does the ghostwriter bring in writing books, articles, speeches, columns or content for websites and social media?

4.      Does the ghostwriter offer a free intake interview?

5.      Rate the ghostwriter’s past work. Does the ghostwriter’s writing style suit you?

6.      Is there a click? Good communication between client and writer is essential.

7.      Make clear agreements about the content of the assignment.

8.      Record all aspects of the assignment in an agreement approved by the tax authorities.

9.      Make clear agreements about the delivery date.

10. Pay attention to pricing! Cheap is usually expensive. Do not expect an experienced writer for an hourly rate of $ 25.00. An experienced ghostwriter costs at least € 75.00 per hour.

11. If the budget for writing a book is higher than the available budget, agree on a lower rate in exchange for a percentage of the royalties on the sale of your book.

12. Does the ghostwriter engage an external editor to check the manuscript? Ghostwriters also make typing and language errors that they read about. A corrector and / or extra editor largely prevents this. (Every book sometimes has a typo!)

13. Does the ghostwriter give tips for the layout and marketing of a book to be published?

14. Does the ghostwriter offer help in finding a publisher?


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