Tree Gnome Village Osrs

Tree Gnome Village Osrs

There are many quest series that are very famous among gamers. Among them, tree gnome village osrs is considered the first quest in the gnome quest series. It’s mainly a war between general Khazard” s army and the tree Gnomes.

You need to help the gnomes by retrieving stolen orbs. You have to do that during the quest. While exploring the quest, you will get to see a lot of adventures. In the quest, you will see that tree gnomes are facing troubles. There’s a negative role which has been trying to destroy all the gnome trees. So all you have to do is to save them from Khazad’ ‘s forces.

Then, you will surely be able to stop the extinction of those trees. You will be able to save the gnome village. But to do that, you have to fight and go through various stages of this quest. Through the quest, you will discover so many things. Hence, it tends to be very exciting and addictive at the same time. You will get to discover various aspects of that gnome village. But the main concern is to save the gnome trees from extinction. So let’s get into the article and learn about the tree gnome village osrs.

What Is This Tree Gnome Village Osrs

Tree gnome village osrs is one of the most adventurous quests of this era. In this quest, you will be on the war between general Khazad’s army and the tree gnomes. The tree gnomes are fighting a war against General Khazad’s forces. Because of this negative role, Khazad has been trying his best to destroy the area. He wants to extinct the whole gnome village and those trees.

On the other hand, king Bolren is trying his best to protect the whole area. He needs your help to save the trees from extinction. He wants help to acquire the orbs of protection. In this way, it will be very helpful to save the whole area. Also, he will be able to win the battle and defeat the general. The quest was released on 23 rd July 2002. Still, now, it’s one of the most famous quests among gamers.

Besides, it is necessary to know the other essential information about this quest. The whole adventure takes place in the tree gnome village. The difficulty level; of this quest is intermediate. You need to have skills to defeat a level 112 Khazard warlord. You also require 6 logs items to complete the quest. Besides, food armor and a weapon are very important to go through the whole quest. You need orbs of protection and a gnome amulet during the quest. In the end, if you can defeat general Khazad, you will be rewarded. You will get a gnome amulet, and you will be able to use the spirit trees to travel.

About The Maze

The most attractive feature of this quest is the maze. It’s mainly a green yard which is full of other lively things. You will see skeletons, giant bats, and hobgoblins there. You will also find a jail with a gnome called golrie. Also, You can even get to see him in the waterfall quest, regicide, and roving elves quest. Do you know what’s more interesting about this quest?

The spirit tree. Yes, you heard it right. If you are able to complete the tree gnome village quest, you will discover the spirit tree. You can even use this for various purposes for the following levels of this quest. The tree tends to teleport you to the grand exchange.

And it locates in the south of Ardougne and tree Gnome Stronghold. There are monsters and inhabitants in the maze. You will discover them gradually. The non-players characters you get to see are king bolren, Elkoy, Golrie, Local Gnome, Commander Montai, Bolkoy, and Remsai. There are also some monsters throughout the maze.

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In level 1, you will see a rat, imp, Gnome. In level 3, you will meet at goblin. You will meet Zombie at level 13 or 24. You will see Bear at level 19. On the other hand, you will get to see a giant bat at level 27.

Moreover, you will find other creatures like Terrorbird, Hill Giant, Hobgoblin, Ogre, and wolves. There is even a general store, and Bolkoy owns it. You will find so many things like pot, Bronze pickaxe, Jug, Shears, Bucket and Tinder box in the store in the store. Other than that, you will get Chisel, Hammer, Bronze arrow and cooked meat, etc. Throughout the quest, you will get to listen to two amazing kinds of music -emotion, attack, etc.

First Part Of The Quest

At first, you have to talk to King Bolren at the centre of the Tree Gnome Maze. He will tell you that that Khazard troops stole these three orbs. If you agree that you will help him, then you are out of this maze. And then you will start to explore. For the first part, you will need some items. Initially, you will need six normal logs.

After that, you will head north to the southern edge of the Battlefield. You will speak with Commander Montai, who wears red clothing. He will ask you to get 6 logs for their defences so that you can repair them. Then you will help him by giving him the logs. If you don’t have them, then an axe will be applicable. You will be able to kill the goblins with it. This may take some time.

The first tracker is located behind or on the side of the building in the northwest. On the other hand, the second tracker stays in the northeast building in the Khazad’s prison Cell. The third tracker tends to roam outside the southwest corner of the Stronghold.

The first two trackers will help you by giving the coordinates you need. Which you will be able to commit to memory. The third tracker mostly says gullible. On the other hand, more than we but less than our feet may be equal to 3.Then you will go to the ballista, located in the southeast corner of the Battlefield. In the third coordinate, you may need a number between 1 and 4.Even if you miss it, you have to try until you get it.

The Second Part Of The Quest

After getting a hit, you will talk to commander Montai. After that, you will walk north to a building where the Gnome Tracker 1 was. Then you have to climb over the crumbled wall. And soothe level 48 Khazard Commander will attack you. During that time, you may skip defeating the commander if you wish. You may proceed through the door into the other room.

Then you have to go to the western room and climb up the ladder. You must need to retrieve the missing orb of protection from the chest inside. The commander will try to attack you if you get close to him.

But to skip that, you may run back down the ladder and out of the nearby door. Then you have to return to the Tree Gnome Village. You will talk to the Elkoy guy. After talking to him, you will talk to king Bolfren. You will know that Khazard Warlord stole all the other two orbs. Fight with the warlord after talking to the king again.

Leave the village and start going to the northwest. You have to pass the level 64 wolves which are at the West Ardougne. Then talk to the level 112 Khazard warlord, and he will throw a challenge. He will tell you to fight and attack. You have to kill him to retrieve the other two orbs. In that case, he tends not to hit you often. But players with Rune armour and at least a rune scimitar will find difficulty while fighting with him. But they can use their magic if they want to.

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The Third Part Of The Quest

The warlord is very, very enthusiastic about flinching. If you walk west outside of his wander radius after attacking him, then it’s a plus point. He may stop attacking you if you reach far enough west. The warlord may start running back east if you use a ranged or a magic attack. But if you start attacking him again, he will come back to you. But you should run west again before he can reach you. Then repeat the process again and again. But bear in mind one thing, do not take too much time killing the warlord. Because he may dispawn.Then he will force you to restart the fight.

If you want to safe spot the warlord, start the fight. Then head west until the warlord de -aggro near the larger dead tree. That will try to force the warlord to walk backward at an angle. And he will get caught against the West  Ardougne wall and the northern dead tree. Just move a little south and attack the warlord with ranged or magic. You have to do that when he is outside of his aggro range. If you do it properly, you can attack the warlord safely. But for that, they need to keep enough distance. They have to make sure not to aggro the warlord again.

When you are done killing him, you need to pick up the orbs of protection. After that, go back to King Bolren. Then you will hand over the orbs to him. There is a scene that is fascinating. Because you will get to see that the gnomes are seen celebrating and holding a ceremony. There you will see that the orbs are back to their places on the sacred spirit tree.

About The Rewards of Tree Gnome Village Osrs

You must be wondering what you will get after completing this Tree gnome village osrs. Well, of course, there are rewards for you to complete the huge task. You will get two quest points,11450 attack XP, gnome amulet of protection. That’s everyone’s desire after completing the quest. You can even use the spirit trees for transportation. So isn’t it very exciting? I think, after completing the huge quest, you will feel relieved. Moreover, the rewards will make you happier. You will believe that the quest is worth it.

The Gnome Amulet

King Bolren will reward you with the gnome amulet if you complete the quest. It is basically made from the same material as the orbs of protection. You retrieve these during the quest. There are some functions of it. Like you can use it as an amulet of defence. But you cannot use it as magic and ranged defence. Its worth is much higher than the other amulets of defences.

Last Few Words About Tree Gnome Village Osrs

So you got an excellent notion about this tree gnome village osrs. Isn’t it very interesting and exciting? Well, of course, it. The gamers tend to like this quest with whole their heart. Even it’s one of the best quests till now.No matter how upset or boring you feel; this quest will lift your mood. You will be able to explore so many challenges and place while playing this quest. Even the graphics animation is top-notch.

The way the maze looks just quite mesmerizing. So if you start playing the game, it may turn out very addictive. The quest features attract the gamers—That’s why they tend to play it more and more. When you get the awards after finishing the game, that feeling is priceless. So what are you even waiting for? Install the quest and play it.


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