Reinhardt Overwatch: The OG Hero Of Overwatch


Overwatch is a team-based fps game loved by millions. With its diverse cast of characters, each with its unique abilities and personalities, Overwatch offers endless hours of fun and excitement. One of the most famous heroes in the game is Reinhardt, a German crusader known for his strength, courage, and unwavering commitment to justice. As a tank hero, Reinhardt plays a crucial role in any team composition, using his massive shield and powerful hammer to protect his allies and crush his enemies. In today’s guide, we will learn about Reinhardt Overwatch.

Reinhardt Overwatch Guide:


Reinhardt’s background and lore is a fascinating aspect of his character that has captivated many Overwatch players. Born into a family of crusaders, Reinhardt was trained to become a warrior and defend his homeland from a young age. He fought alongside his mentor, Balderich von Adler, in the Omnic Crisis and eventually joined Overwatch to continue his fight against evil. Despite his age and many battles, Reinhardt remains as courageous and passionate as ever.

Abilities and Playstyle:

Reinhardt’s abilities and playstyle are unique and highly effective in Overwatch gameplay. As a tank hero, Reinhardt has a large health pool and an enormous shield to protect himself and his teammates from enemy fire. His Rocket Hammer is a powerful melee weapon that can damage enemies significantly. His Charge ability lets him quickly close the distance and knock down enemies. His Fire Strike ability can also damage multiple enemies in a straight line. His ultimate ability, Earthshatter, can stun enemies in a large area, setting them up for easy kills. 

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Reinhardt in the Competitive Games:

Since the game’s release, Reinhardt has been a staple in the competitive Overwatch Esports. His ability to protect his teammates and create space for them to maneuver is invaluable in team fights. Reinhardt was the main tank of choice for most teams in earlier metals, but his usage has varied depending on the game’s current state. Recently, Reinhardt has fallen out of favor in certain metals due to the rise of other tank heroes that better suit the current play style. Nonetheless, he remains a powerful force in the right hands, and professional players such as Fusions, Super, and Mano have demonstrated their mastery of Reinhardt on the competitive stage.

Tips for Playing Reinhardt:

A good Reinhardt player knows when to push forward, when to fall back, and when to use their abilities to create opportunities for their team. Using Reinhardt’s shield wisely is crucial, knowing when to put it up to protect your teammates and when to drop it to recharge. Timing is everything regarding Reinhardt’s abilities, especially his charge, which can knock down enemies or retreat from a losing fight. Finally, it’s important to communicate with your team and coordinate your attacks and defenses, as Reinhardt’s role is to lead the charge and keep his team alive.


In conclusion, Reinhardt is a beloved Overwatch hero that is powerful and fun to play. His background and lore add depth and character to his role as a tank hero, and his abilities and playstyle require skill and strategic thinking. Reinhardt’s importance in the competitive meta has been consistent throughout the game’s history, with his ability to protect and lead his team proving essential in many compositions.

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