Hiring a Syracuse criminal defense lawyer: Ask the right questions


Nothing is worse than knowing that you are a suspect in a case. When facing criminal charges in Syracuse, you need to focus on your rights and must have a clear overview of your legal options. You need to work on your defense and must do everything possible to protect your future. Hiring a Syracuse criminal defense lawyer doesn’t guarantee an exact outcome, but you have a better chance of having the charges reduced, or the case dismissed. If you are hiring a criminal lawyer, here are some questions worth knowing.

“What’s your experience with similar cases? “

Defending clients facing assault charges requires a completely unique approach to defending DWI cases. Criminal law covers a wide range of cases, and you need someone who has a credible profile and has worked on defending charges similar to yours. As a client, you have the right to question the background of the lawyer. As we mentioned, no lawyer can promise an outcome, but hiring someone with a high success rate is always a good idea.

“What would be your strategy for my case?”

Depending on the charges you are facing, your lawyer may consider one or more strategies, and it often takes some initial work and a detailed investigation to determine the right approach. Clients have the right to know the lawyer’s strategy, and you should have a fair idea of what to expect.

“What are the potential outcomes?”

A skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer will never lie about the possible outcomes of the case. Even when the client doesn’t have a strong case or the defense may not work as expected, the lawyer will share a detailed view of the potential consequences. This allows you to evaluate all options and make the right decision. The lawyer should also tell you about the expected time of the case, although there are factors that are beyond their control.

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“How will you charge me?”

Most law firms in Syracuse work on a retainer basis, and you will pay the lawyer for each hour of work. At the end of the day, you should be able to afford your criminal lawyer, and it is always wise to have a ballpark of all costs and expenses related to the case.

Knowing your lawyer also involves getting references from past clients. Ask for details and call up a few people. Also, you can rely on online reviews to find details.


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