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4 Monitors That Will Take Your Game To Next Level

Everybody loves games and tries to be the champion in the gaming world. Practice alone can’t make you the best gamer. Along with practice you need the best gaming setup. There are many gadgets of a gaming PC but here we shall talk about monitors only. How they perform and which monitors you should choose for gaming, it will become a lot easier for you after going through this article.

Market is overcrowded by gaming monitors and thus it gets very difficult to decide that which one is the best. Therefore, we have come with four best gaming monitors that will surely take your game to next level. Although they will not make you the professional gamer but you will clearly notice the improvement after using them.

BenQ Zowie XL2411:

Features and performance of this monitor make it suitable for a wide range of games. Although you will not be impressed by its look but the build quality is amazing. Screen size is 24inch with great adjustment options will please you. You can swivel and tilt it in such position that will be most comfortable for you.

Monitors That Will Take Your Game To Next Level
Monitors That Will Take Your Game To Next Level
Moreover, refresh rate is 144Hz and with 1ms response time will give very fast reflexes. Thus, competitive gamers will be please by it the most. Due to high refresh rate and fast response time you won’t see any lagging on the screen.

Who Should Buy:

Entry level gamers and limited budget users will find this monitor most appealing and they should go for it.

Acer Predator XB241YU:

Design of this monitor is glassy and the frame is rugged so, it is both eyes catching and with durable build quality. Along with this resolution and frame rate quality is outstanding. To avoid screen tearing this monitor possess G-SynC technology which is an additional pleasure. On top of that display rate is 165 Hz.

Monitors That Will Take Your Game To Next Level
Monitors That Will Take Your Game To Next Level
So, it will not disappoint you in both head to head combat games as well as graphic oriented games. The only problem which you will face in getting this gaming beast is the high price tag. But if you don’t have budget issue then it will give you next level gaming experience.

Who Should Buy:

Gamers having powerful video card to support 165Hz refresh rate and also their budget is not limited should go for this monitor.

ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q:

If someone is looking for everything under a single screen then this monitor will fulfill this desire. Screen size is 27inch and with a 4k resolution will give you astonishing display of games. Bezels are thin and the base is wide with red markings on the black background will surely give you gamers feel. Refresh rate is 165 Hz which together with 4k resolution will give such gaming experience that you can only dreamt off before.

Monitors That Will Take Your Game To Next Level
Monitors That Will Take Your Game To Next Level
Each and every feature of this monitor is impressive but here again what causes hindrance in getting this is the price. As you might know that pleasure come with a price, same is the case here.

Who Should Buy:

This monitor is for professional gamers with sufficient budget. So, if you fulfill these criteria then ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q will not disappoint you.

Samsung U28E590D:

4k monitors have brought revolution in games and every gamer is looking for it. But due to high price tag many limited budget gamers can’t enjoy 4k contents. But thanks to Samsung for bringing forward U28E590D which is amazing in performance and very budget friendly compare to other monitors included in this article.

Monitors That Will Take Your Game To Next Level
Monitors That Will Take Your Game To Next Level
Along with 4k resolution this monitor possess AMD’s Free SynC technology which will give a tear free screen. Along with games you can also enjoy 4k movies or videos due to its 27inch screen.

Who Should Buy:

Gamers who like graphic oriented games and also have limited budget but want to experience 4k gaming should go for it.

Bottom Line:

Before choosing a monitor or any other product some background knowledge is needed. In this article we have given you the highlights of 4 best gaming monitors, some of which are expensive and some budget friendly. What type of game you are playing and what is your budget keep that in mind and then choose the monitor accordingly. All the above monitors will give maximum result in gaming and won’t disappoint you.

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