World Endurance Championship – WEC


World Endurance Championship – WEC

The European motor sports and international
racing categories are still pulled by the aftermath of Porsche’s WEC World
Endurance Championship withdrawal and withdrawal from Mercedes Benz ‘s DTM
German Touring Car Championship.
But in the last few weeks the situation began to
move little by little. The series organizers who took the situation seriously
started to consolidate for the future although they are slow.

World Endurance Championship - WEC
World Endurance Championship – WEC

First of all, as for WEC, LMP 1-H of hybrid
vehicles and LMP 1-L of non-hybrid vehicles existed in the class, but it is
expressed as “destroying” the same class to summarize this in one
category Or, a drastic decision was made. The 2018 season, which the organizer
calls the “super series”, will be the opening game with 6 hours of
spa from May 4th to 5th as the opening game, and it will be a series for more
than one year with Le Mans 24 Hour of June 2019 as the final battle It was.
The number of annual events is also reduced by
cutting Nurburgring, Austin (Circuit of the Americas / COTA) and Mexico.
On the other hand, spa and Le Mans were held
twice, and Silver-stone, Fuji Speedway and Shanghai International Circuit
entered the calendar once at the same time. In addition, America Se-bring also
played the calendar revival for the first time for a long time.
Regarding the decision to make LMP 1 a
“category”, it seems that he was also influenced by large-scale
cartel allegations involving major German manufacturers and the 2020 regulation
in which debate does not progress.
Regarding the 2020 regulation that was originally
planned to be introduced, an official from a car maker said, “The new
provision (2018/19) is perfect for crushing the series called WEC. Nobody wants
to participate, it is sarcastic and talking about it because it is necessary
only for expenses like stupidity. “
Although the regulation was returned to a blank
sheet this time, the outline of the new 2020 regulation is not disclosed.
Audi and Porsche disappear, and even for Toyota
who will participate in Manufacturer ‘s only Manufacturer’ s LMP 1, there is
even the possibility that the 2018/19 season will organize a limited
participation program or announce the end of the activity.

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World Endurance Championship - WEC
World Endurance Championship – WEC

In paddock, it is important to narrow down
activities to Spa and Le Mans, 3 races of Fuji which is a knee, or SARD, Tomus
and TMG (Toyota Motorsport GmbH) to participate in Le Mans as a privateer It is
a rumor.

However, rumors say that the situation has
changed in WEC Mexico also flows. Toyota said that if ACO, president of the
series does not compete fully in WEC’s 2018/19 season, he will not accept entry
to Le Mans 24 hours.
Probably, ACO still thinks that the 2020
regulation that no one knows details has enough appeal to bring Peugeot back.
Also, it is unlikely that the DPI regulation
fighting the IMSA Weather Tech sports car champion will be adopted. It seems
that ACO is not interested in anything other than LMP 1, where manufacturers
will sharpen.


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