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Why Does My Dentist Take A Panoramic X-Ray?

“Did My Teeth Need Root Canal?”
“Why Do I Even Need Braces When My Teeth Look Fine?”
“Oh, Man! This Appointment Did Empty My Pockets.”

We often keep wondering why there are so many procedures that our dentists conduct all the time. Drilling the teeth for this, filling a tooth for that; dental doctors operate on people for different reasons, a lot of which you wouldn’t even know existed.

Among so many questions, one that is prevalent among patients is “Why Does My Dentist Need a Panoramic X-Ray of My Teeth?” Well, we are here to answer it for you. There are a variety of reasons why dentists use Panoramic X-Rays today.

The reason for using them is not only dependent on the patient’s current health, but also the technology, related costs, and the future use of the images. Let us understand why you need them.

A Bigger Picture

Why Does My Dentist Take A Panoramic X-Ray?
Why Does My Dentist Take A Panoramic X-Ray?
The image that Panoramic X-Rays produce gives a bigger picture when compared to the usual imaging. When we call it a bigger picture, we do not mean it only metaphorically but in the technical sense too.

Unlike the traditional X-Rays, the images you get with Panorama let your dentists get a view of all your teeth in a single image. It often happens with conventional imaging that people after getting one of their teeth treated from their dentists experience similar problems in their adjacent teeth later.

Such a missed diagnosis usually occurs with regular X-Rays because it only gives them the information about what is going on with that one tooth being imaged and not the others. With Panoramic ones, Dentists wouldn’t miss the diagnosis of adjacent and other teeth as they get to see the complete picture of the mouth.

It Saves A Lot Of Time

Why Does My Dentist Take A Panoramic X-Ray?
Why Does My Dentist Take A Panoramic X-Ray?
Unlike the older methods of taking X-Ray of your mouth, there is very little time that is required for panoramic to take place. There are hardly any preparations needed for the Panoramic imaging of your teeth.

After providing and letting you change your clothes to prevent radiation from interacting with the rest of your body, dentists take you to the X-Ray machine for the imaging. A few seconds into the process, and it is complete in no time.

A quicker X-Ray method leads to a faster diagnosis, and the dentist can fix the issues more efficiently. Time is, therefore, a crucial reason for dentists to use the Panoramic vision of your teeth. It comes in handy to treat dental problems like Oral X-Rays which may go on to become bigger later.

The Latest Tech

Why Does My Dentist Take A Panoramic X-Ray?
Why Does My Dentist Take A Panoramic X-Ray?
The world is moving towards new technology each day, then why should your dentists stay behind? Panoramic X-Rays are one of the newest developments in the dentistry sphere when compared to the regular ones.

The outdated X-Ray methods may appear to be a cheaper option to some, but considering the advantages like better diagnosis, hygiene, and efficiency, Panorama justifies its costs. When using the regular X-Ray methods to check the patient's mouth, a dentist will not only take a whole lot of time, but it will also be expensive to the patients.

As panoramas are relatively new to the scene and even today, developments in improving its working are going on. Being the latest technology that it is, Panorama X-Ray procedures are made easier and less time-consuming when compared to other X-Rays.

More Hygenic

Why Does My Dentist Take A Panoramic X-Ray?
Why Does My Dentist Take A Panoramic X-Ray?
The sensors used to get the regular X-Ray images of teeth is not at all hygienic for the patients. The sensors require regular disinfection after each use. If there is not much care taken in the disinfection of these sensors, then infections may spread in the patients.

Panoramic X-Ray imaging eliminates the need for disinfection as there is very less contact that is needed in the process. So, it is highly unlikely for you to leave the clinic with a new dental problem when you use a panoramic X-ray instead of older X-Ray methods.

When it comes down to oral health, patients and dentists are very concerned about the hygiene of the equipment, gloves, and the materials being used. Panoramic X-Ray comes in as a valuable option for the dentists today, who can get the better images of their patient’s teeth without compromising on their hygiene.

Know More Beyond Cavities

Why Does My Dentist Take A Panoramic X-Ray?
Why Does My Dentist Take A Panoramic X-Ray?
Dentists do not only get the images of your teeth when they use Panoramic X-Rays but they also get to find the cysts, potential tumors, and infections affecting your mouth. The dentists can detect such problems in early stages with Pan, and stop them from becoming a threat in the future.

If the dentists are very sure of only one of the teeth being affected with a problem, they would not be using Panoramic X-Rays on the patients. But if they detect major problems like teeth fracture, or an infection affecting the whole mouth, they often consider the pans.

Better Comparison

Why Does My Dentist Take A Panoramic X-Ray?
Why Does My Dentist Take A Panoramic X-Ray?
As Panoramic X-Rays give the dentist an idea about all the teeth and their relative positions, it is easier for them to compare the earlier and latest X-Rays of the patients. The comparisons allow them to notice the shifting of teeth over the years, and the information in these images can be trusted to make decisions like using braces for the teeth.

Wisdom tooth pain, which is a common issue among teenagers, is also tracked better when dentists use panoramas. Panoramic x-rays are very useful to the dentist when they need to diagnose young children. It is not easy to use older X-Ray methods where they place films in mouths and take time to imagine their teeth.

Panoramic X-Ray is truly very beneficial for patients and dentists using it. So, next time your dentist suggests getting a Pan X-Ray of your mouth, then you know that you are in the right hands.

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