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Scientists have discovered and published that the CBD contained in marijuana has the potential to lower blood pressure. At Thehempire, there are full reviews of CBD to help you make the best choice for your health.

How Cannabis Optimizes Your Workout The Same As Steroids Do

Steroids are arguably the most famous performance-enhancing substances out there. Initially, steroids were almost exclusively popular among pro athletes. But over time, these substances have infiltrated thousands of average gyms all around the world.

One significant benefit of steroids, like Anavar, is that their benefits are well-documented. However, users remain largely ignorant about their side effects. And with lots of misinformation out there, it’s hard to know what to believe.

If you’re considering incorporating steroids into your workouts but aren’t sure about the possible consequences, you don’t need to fret. Fitness experts now believe that marijuana is just as effective as steroids in helping improve workouts. Read on for more insights on how cannabis can optimize your workout the same way steroids do.

How Cannabis Optimizes Your Workout The Same As Steroids Do
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How Can Marijuana Optimize Your Workouts

1. Improved Mental Focus

One of the ways cannabis optimizes your workout is that it improves your mental focus and physical endurance. Cannabis contains immense anti-inflammatory properties that come in handy here.

As you work out, you invariably suffer inflammations as well as muscle sprains. The resultant pain is enough to throw you off balance, thereby affecting your workout. But thanks to the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of CBD, you can now have uninterrupted workout sessions.

2. Reducing Pain And Soreness

Pain and soreness go hand in hand with inflammations. Marijuana can significantly alleviate the pain that results from physical injuries during workouts. Like inflammations, pain can adversely affect your workout routine. Depending on the severity of the pain, your entire routine may be interrupted as you try to recover from the painful condition, not to mention the financial implications that come with seeking further medication.

Besides injury-induced pain, marijuana may also help with other forms of pain, such as chronic pain and pain resulting from muscle spasms. When applying marijuana for pain relief, experts recommend going for the topical products. With topicals, you only apply the gel on specific areas, thereby enhancing their pain-relief potent.

3. Sleep Enhancement

Now, most of the benefits of cannabis for workouts are linked to CBD. But here is one crucial area where THC comes in handy. Multiple studies have linked THC to sleep inducement, and you may be wondering how this helps with your workout. Sleep is crucial to your overall fitness. Most importantly, sleep enhances your mental awareness, enabling you to focus better on your workout.

Experts recommend taking marijuana that features significant levels of both THC and CBD. While THC induces sleep and suppresses dreams associated with post-traumatic stress disorder, CBD erases REM sleep disorder. All of these benefits are instrumental in improving the user’s concentration during workouts.

How Cannabis Optimizes Your Workout The Same As Steroids Do
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4. Improved Muscle Flexibility

It’s undeniably true that the degree of your flexibility determines your overall success with most workouts. Just like steroids, marijuana enhances muscle flexibility and relaxation. Enhanced muscle flexibility improves your response time during certain workouts, especially HIIT. Besides, cannabis reduces the risks of muscle injuries and enables you to respond better to your environment.

In addition to improving your muscle response, marijuana is also instrumental in helping you enjoy your exercise. Remember that our bodies naturally perceive forced exercise as stressful and strenuous. So, for us to approach an energy-intensive workout with a balanced attitude, we require a substance that can subtly alter our perception of the exercise as too physically-demanding. And that’s where cannabis comes in.

When choosing a cannabis product for improved flexibility, it’s best to go for products that feature some levels of THC. However, ensure the levels aren’t significant enough to have you slip into a total state of euphoria.

How To Use Marijuana For Workouts

Choose The Strain To Use

As you might probably already know, there are numerous marijuana strains out there. The three main ones include the Sativa, indica, and hybrid strains. Each of these comes with its benefits to the user, depending on the desired effects.

For instance, Sativa-dominant strains are famous for their energy-boosting effects. By supplying constant bursts of energy, a user can go on working out for extended periods without tiring out. Sativa strains also come with increased mental focus and analgesic effects, all of which are instrumental for enhancing endurance. Indica strains are popular for their sedating effects as well as mental and muscle relaxation.  Besides, they increase appetite and decrease nausea.

Athletes and bodybuilders can experiment with a strain they believe will deliver their desired results. What’s more – you can go for the hybrid strains if you’re looking to capitalize on the workout benefits of both Sativa and indica strains.

Perhaps the crucial thing you should pay attention to is the level of THC in the cannabis product you choose. Due to its euphoric effects, most experts tend to discourage substances high in this compound. That’s because it makes users feel too relaxed, hence lose the drive to continue with their workouts. THC-laden compounds are ideal for users who’re looking for a more relaxed and sedated mind. Examples include yogis and meditators. Those looking for heightened mental focus, such as weightlifters and bodybuilders, are better off with Sativa strains. The saving grace is that CBD products contain trace amounts of THC. And if ever you’re in doubt, always check for substances with around 1% Δ9-THC.

Choose The Mode Of Administration

Another thing you must consider when using cannabis for performance enhancement is the mode of administration. According to marijuana experts, your best bet is to go for sublingual application if you’re only starting, due to its fast-acting nature.

You want to leverage the benefits of the substance as soon as possible. Lastly, it’s paramount to begin easy and work your way up gradually.


In conclusion, you should always insist on officially approved anabolic steroids. Alternatively, you can substitute steroids with cannabis to optimize your workouts.

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