How To Apply For Indian E Medical Visa Online

How To Apply For Indian E Medical Visa Online
How To Apply For Indian E Medical Visa Online

If you are looking to get the
treatment in the best Indian hospitals, you would need a travel visa for that.
But there is a specific type of visa available for that, you can apply for an
e-medical visa for the travel authorization.

This type of visa can only be
used for medical treatment and nothing else. This visa allows a person to visit
the country for a max of three times in the validity period. It is a short term
visa provided to those who have genuine medical needs and book their
appointment in Indian hospitals way before applying. The visa is only granted
to the patient and not the family members, however, if you wish to travel with
the patient, apply
for the medical attendant visa

Let’s look at the important facts
of a medical visa.

Important Facts About Medical Visa

Well, there are many things that
you need to know before applying for a medical visa to India.
  • You
    must from a list of 169 countries allowed for the e-medical visa listed on
    their website.
  • It
    is valid for a short term of 60 days, and it is not extendable unless you have
    a special need. Which is at the discretion of the Indian Ministry of External
  • People
    from Pakistan and Bangladesh require to go to the Indian consulate to apply for
    the Indian medical visa. They are not eligible for e-medical visa India.
  • Triple
    entry is permitted with this kind of visa and you must know that the medical
    trips are restricted to three per year.
  • The
    visas are non-extendable, non-convertible and you won’t be able to visit protected
    areas with this visa.
  • The
    applicants must have a sufficient amount of money in the account to support themselves
    on the trip to India.
  • The
    travelers are required to carry their e-visa authorization at all times.
  • You
    must present the journey tickets to apply for the visa.
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Now, let’s look at how you can
apply for the visa with simple steps online.

Online Process Of The E-Medical Visa
To India

Here is how you can apply e-medical
visa India
with ease.
  • First,
    you need to open and then click on the e-visa option
    from the middle.
  • Now,
    go to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘Apply here for e-visa’ link from
    the menu.
  • Then,
    You will see a form, fill it out with your correct details. The details must
    match from the passport and other identity card documents you have.
  • Then,
    you can proceed to the next step and upload the documents required for the visa
    process. The documents may include passport, photograph, hospital letter and
    supporting documents.
  • Once,
    you through with that step, proceed to the fee submission step, use debit or
    credit card for the fee submission.
  • You
    have to wait for ETA to arrive at your email inbox once you are through with
    the fee submission.

You will receive the electronic
travel authorization in your email inbox within time.


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