How To Install Realtek HD Audio Manager In Win 10?

How To Install Realtek HD Audio Manager In Win 10?
How To Install Realtek HD Audio Manager In Win 10?

In the Windows operating system,
the default ‘HD audio driver’ is run by none other than ‘Realtek HD Audio Manager’. It is basically a tool to control sound
and its level on the computer system especially in Windows 10.

Realtek HD Audio Manager in
Windows 10 comes with amazing features that in a way produce great sound
options for Windows 10 users. With the help of it, the users can enhance their
operating system’s “the overall sound quality”. And, as it is by default used
in Windows 10, any Windows 10 user whenever he/she wants, can “Update
and download Realtek HD Audio Manager in Windows 10
” using automatic or
manual methods with the help of the below-mentioned steps.

  • First of all, you need to press
    together ‘Windows key + R’.
  • Then, it will open the ‘Run
    Dialog Box’ and there you have to type ‘Devmgmt.msc’.
  • After that, expand the category
    ‘Sound, video and game controllers’ and for that, you need to click right on
    the ‘Realtek High Definition Audio’.
  • Then you have to further click
    on the available menu, in order to ‘Update Driver Software’.
  • That’s it! Doing this will ‘update and download Realtek HD audio
    manager drivers
    in your Windows 10 operating system. Now restart your PC in
    order to re-check whether you have performed the steps correctly or not.
Once you have updated and
downloaded your ‘Realtek HD Audio
Manager Driver
’ you also need to ‘Install it’ in your Windows 10 operating
system. And, if you don’t know how to do it then using the below-given steps,
anyone can “install
the Realtek HD Audio Manager Driver
” with the help of Windows 10 Device
Manager. Therefore, to do so, let’s get started:

  • You have to press and hold
    together ‘Windows key + X’ shortcut in order to open the ‘Quick Access’ menu
  • In that menu, click on ‘Device
  • After that by double-clicking on
    the ‘Sound, video, and game controller’ expand the ‘Device Manager’ option.
  • And, with that in order to see
    the driver properties, click double on the ‘Realtek High Definition Audio’.
  • Then, while navigating to the
    ‘Driver’ tab go to ‘Driver properties’ and select the ‘Update Driver’ button.
  • After that click on the option
    ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ In order to automatically
    install “the Realtek HD audio manager” on your Windows 10 operating system.
  • That’s it! Performing these
    steps will help anyone to install the Realtek HD audio manager driver on the

Still even after that due to few
changes in Windows 10, the Realtek HD
audio manager
application keeps disappearing and does not work at all
sometimes. However, if any of you encountered the problem that ‘Realtek
HD audio manager
’ goes missing on your system then you can download it manually
in your system easily.

  • Check whether the audio driver
    goes out-dated or corrupted. If yes then, uninstall it. And, if it is missing,
    then download its new updated version from its official website.
  • Once downloaded its updated
    version, what you need to do is look for that downloaded Realtek HD audio
    driver setup file on your PC.
  • And after you find it, click
    right and a from the available options select the ‘Run as Administrator’.
  • Lastly, you just need to follow
    the on-screen installation prompts so that you reinstall the Realtek HD Audio
    Manager Driver in your operating system.
  • That’s it! Now restart your PC
    to apply the changes and to check whether you performed all the steps in the
    correct manner or not.

That’s it, using this above guide
will help you to easily update, download, install and reinstall the ‘Realtek HD
Audio Manager Drivers’ back into your Windows 10 operating system. However, if
you still face any difficulty while using this guide, you can take help from
the technical website “
in order to fix all your technical issues.

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