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The Main Livestock Issues

The Main Livestock Issues
The Main Livestock Issues

Livestock Issues

Against the actual livestock issues, pioneering natural solutions seems to be hopeful. In fact, livestock old problems can be definitely brought down by the natural-based alternatives, such as Nor-feed additives.

What Are The Main Livestock Issues?

Actually, there are many animal welfare issues associated with livestock such as animal health, coccidiosis treatment, microbiota, reduce oxidative stress.  Farmers may also face other issues such as weight loss, natural abortions, infections or even sickness. They may come from the feed quality, the housing quality, the stockman ship and veterinary care, the transport and slaughter conditions, the access to natural behaviors but also the breeds used for appropriate conditions. In fact, it is actually common to hear that farm animals contracts many diseases. For example, the poultry’s coccidiosis, caused by the protozoan parasites, the intestinal microbiota, the red mites or the oxidative stress.

How Feed Additives Can Improve Livestock Issues?

Feed additives may bring many benefits. First of all, in the medicated field. In fact, there are some additives which contain antibiotics or other relative drug that are useful to decrease the disease, sickness and infection’s rate of the animals. Then, feed additives such as Nor-feed feed additives gather high amount of mineral. This last is an important nutrient which is indispensable during weaning or conception. But feed additives can also bring up protein additives, main responsible of growth of the animals. And last but not least, notice that there are some feed additives which can help livestock farmers to stop the lifecycle of some pests while eliminating them during the favorable breeding conditions.

Why Consuming Feed Additives?

In order to help growth, reproduction, and quality, healthy livestock must be overwhelming nutrients on a daily basis. So, livestock farmers should search for the adequate nutrient balance grounded on the type of livestock, the age, size, physical condition, and daily activity.

And pregnant, young, and sickly livestock needs access to proper wealthy nutrition amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, and proteins. These are just a few of the nutrients that are daily suggested to this livestock.  So, Nor-feed feed additives remains a simple way for livestock farmers to bring the right balance of daily nutrition that helps to promote wellness and quality.

Which Additives To Use To Improve Nutritional Intake?

Generally, livestock farmers used to pick up feed additives from these eight categories of feed additives: antibiotics, acidifiers, antioxydants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, binders and enzymes. Of course, some additives such as sweeteners, flavons, mycotoxin binders or protected amino acids are also used. And sometimes, farmers claim feed additives in combination to fight against weakened immunity, slow growth rates or even weight loss. Otherwise, notify that feed additives can be used to enhance the value of livestock by disabling deficiencies, nutrient snags, and performance matters. Trouble in digesting feed, absence of appetite, troubled pregnancies, and weak bone structure can also be fixed with feed additives. Additives are meant to expand the quality of feed so that livestock farmers can get better-quality animal performance and well-being.

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