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When Is The Finest Time To Go To Singapore?

When Is The Finest Time To Go To Singapore?
When Is The Finest Time To Go To Singapore?

Singapore is an incredible travel destination. People come to Singapore from all over the world, and those who visit never go home disappointed.

This tiny country is one of the smallest nations in the world, but it has a population of 5.6 million. Along with Monaco and Vatican City, it's one of only three surviving city-states in the entire world.

Known for extreme cleanliness, incredible architecture, great food, and friendly people, Singapore is a destination that should be on everyone's bucket list.

However, you may be wondering about the best time to go to Singapore, and the answer to that is somewhat complicated. The weather in Singapore varies, so you'll want to think about that before you book your trip.

Read on to learn all about the best times of year to travel to Singapore so you can get the most out of your trip.

Singapore Weather

Due to Singapore's location so close to the equator, it should be no surprise to you that the weather in this country is hot and humid all year round. In fact, Singapore is only seventy miles from the equator, which is extremely close.

The presence of high humidity does mean it rains quite a bit. This rain can range from a brief, light, refreshing sprinkle to a torrential downpour that will have everyone running for cover. According to the Singaporean government, on average it rains 167 days per year every year.

Singapore Seasons

Due to its tropical location, Singapore only has two seasons instead of the four that we are used to in the United States.

The wet season runs from September until February. During this half of the year, it rains frequently. Visitors can expect to get wet while sightseeing almost every day. If you choose to travel to Singapore during this time, you will encounter fewer crowds, but you should bring along an umbrella.

The dry season is the other half of the year. This season occurs from February to August. Even though it's the dry season, it still rains sometimes, so be prepared for anything. During the dry season, you'll want to wear lightweight clothing to stay cool, but you still should pack an umbrella and rain jacket for rain emergencies.

Whether you want to be wet or dry is a huge factor in determining the best time to go to Singapore. Of course, it doesn't really matter if you plan to visit attractions where you'll get wet anyway like Dolphin Island!

Singapore Temperatures

Although the humidity in Singapore fluctuates, you might be surprised to learn that the average daily temperature barely changes from month to month. Whether it's December or August, you can expect an average daily temperature of around eighty degrees Fahrenheit.

The Best Time To Go To Singapore

What's the best time to go to Singapore, then? Most people say that the best months of the year for visits to this small country are between February and April.

Starting in May, smoke blows in from clearing fires in neighboring Sumatra and it can be hazy and smoking as a result. These stick around until August, and then the rainy season begins.

If you want to enjoy the dry season, you'll love Singapore in the spring. No matter what, you'll love visiting Singapore. Have a great trip!

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