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A Complete Guide On Asbestos Testing

A Complete Guide On Asbestos Testing
A Complete Guide On Asbestos Testing
Exposure to asbestos acts as a primary reason behind severe diseases, such as, mesothelioma, pleural disease, and asbestosis. At present, more than 55 countries have completely banned the use of asbestos or asbestos-containing materials. However, because of the improper regulation and continued use of asbestos in some states of the U.S., asbestos is still a serious threat to public health.

If you are anxious about the presence of asbestos in your home or the potential for asbestos exposure at your workplace, the solution lies in asbestos testing. The first step to removing asbestos from your home or workplace is to locate it. The dangerous material can exist in floor tiles, ceiling spray, roofing, insulations, linoleums, etc.

Know About The Asbestos Testing

It is essential to have proper testing carried out by a certified asbestos testing lab to ensure that you, your family members, and the workers are not exposed to asbestos in any way.

A Complete Guide On Asbestos Testing
A Complete Guide On Asbestos Testing

There are different asbestos testing methods, and the quintessential rule to follow is to avoid doing things yourself. An improper way of handling or collection of samples will only add to the risk of asbestos exposure.

There are different ways the testing samples are gathered, and the testing carried out for asbestos.

• Collecting Air Samples: Phase Contract Microscopy is a common tool to measure airborne asbestos and can indicate if asbestos is present in the air. This method is convenient as it takes no time to detect asbestos in the area, and the asbestos testing cost with this method is much lower.

• Collecting Building Material Samples: Another popular way of asbestos testing is Polarized Light Microscopy. This method is a commonly used technique to test the building material. The polarized light analyses the properties of minerals in the building material to identify asbestos particles.

• Collecting Soil And Water Samples: Soil and water testing can be useful to investigate if asbestos-ridden materials have been dumped in the location. Typically, the soil and water samples are tested with the help of an asbestos testing kit. Transmission Electron Microscopy is used to test water samples while Polarized Light Microscopy is used to test soil samples.

Professional help is highly recommended in such scenarios. Just contact an asbestos specialist to visit your home or work area and identify the spots that may carry asbestos. He will know how to take a sample, place it in a suitable container, and carry it away for asbestos testing.

A Complete Guide On Asbestos Testing
A Complete Guide On Asbestos Testing

The Asbestos Testing Cost

The cost of asbestos testing can vary based on the level of testing and the location, and it may involve one site or involve several locations.

It is more economical to get an agreed schedule on the testing of asbestos throughout a building. The building owners are not only anxious about the presence of asbestos but are keen to know what the final cost will be if they have to undergo complete replacement of asbestos products in the building. Thus, for some, the asbestos testing cost is much higher, as it may require sudden and expensive replacements.

Off-site testing is the cheapest, and based on the scale, level, and urgency of the test and the costs of the examination can range from $50 to $80.  The costs can go higher based on the complexity of the analysis and the collecting process. The reports are usually sent within one or two weeks or within 24 hours on request. The eventual report serves as an important document and scientific evidence.

The whole process requires general awareness and participation of the people and the building owners who understand the threat of asbestos and safeguarding human lives. Always hire the most trusted and well-known asbestos testing laboratories in your state.

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