Fly or Die Io

Fly or Die Io

In April 2008, The person who organized Fly Or Die. Io is Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, which in turn produced by Neptunes no. 1. This mind-blowing game is a multiple survival game in which a player plays the role of smart Fly and wandering in search of foodstuff. As the name of this fantastic game suggests, you have two choices to prefer one is Fly, and the other one is dying. This method is how you can play the Fly or die io game and movers towards more suspensive levels.

In this article, my priority is to give complete information about Fly or die io thoroughly. Please scroll down to know more.

Fly or Die io survival game level:

A quality of any playing thing is that it enhances new levels day by day. The more is the stories of any game, the more the player takes an interest in the game. You can play approximately 45 levels and eight stages in this fantastic game. The best advantage of each group Is that it can increases XP by 10% in the game. Every story of this game is full of innovation and a wide range of suspense and enjoyment.

How can you play the game fly or die io?

You start playing this game as a small fly. A useful player implements strategies to snatch more food. As you grow with time in this game, you learn how to keep alive with foodstuff aid. After a duration, there comes a lot of partners of food. You should make sure to get food. According to this game, more food get my player more is this/her survival time in this  game.

Why people favour the Fly or in the game?

Here I’ll share some of the crucial reasons for playing the Fly or die oi game. People love this game due to the following main benefits.

  • You can fly with exceptional qualities of flies and other animals by playing the Fly or die io game.
  • By playing this game for the first time, you can comfortably check your luck.
  • Fly or Die io game provides you with a 50% chance to protect the player from predators attack.
  • It is a sort of adventuring game. A lot of people love adventure. That’s why they promote playing Fly or die oi.
  • If you feel any player behaviour illogical and offensive, you should press the mute button to get rid of that player.
  • In the beginning, you play as a standard fly. Over time, you see other Fly or die io game aspects such as the mythical beast, cosmic entities, demons, and different animal kingdom varieties.
  • There is a wide range of biomes in the Fly or die io game. Although the player also enjoys landscape facilities in this game.
  • Furthermore, the player finds different prey in a single location. That’s why you don’t worry about exploring the map.
  • Fly or Die io game is also made by pixel oi voice. Pixel voice helps the player to merge into the beautiful world of animal kingdoms.
  • Besides all these qualities and features of the Fly or die io game, you can also fly in space and underground.
  • Although Fly or die io is a multi-player game. You can enjoy the best partners and multiple biome facilities.
  • You can also enjoy playing the game on web browsers, desktop, and android mobiles.
  • People love Disney World, and by playing Fly or die io, a player can fly without any hurdle and disturbance.
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How to download the app fly or die io?

The process of downloading the Fly or die oi is straightforward and comfortable as this game is free to install and convenient to use. You need to follow the following steps:

  • Search on google EvoWorld.oi.
  • There are many options for Evo World oi games in the classical world.
  • Click on the option where you see Evo or for android-APK download.
  • After clicking this option, you can see a button blinking in green color.
  • The button shows the download option.
  • Go to this option and get this game.
  • After downloading, select your player category and your information.
  • Try to use an appropriate nickname and start playing.

Now I’ll share some of the rule and regulations to play the Fly or die game comfortably

Rules for Fly or die io game:

Each thing in this world requires attention along with some rules to stay. Similarly, people only become successful to play this game by implementing all the below-described rules and regulations:


  • All gams rules and forums regulations are moderating. All moderators perform their activity based on voluntary actions.
  • The primary purpose of moderators is to assure the typical conversation in the Fly or die io game.
  • Suppose you feel a player is making illogical conversation and conflict with others’ opinion during fly or die io game playing.
  • In that case, you can complain to the moderator with proof of the screenshot.

By this method, the moderator solves this problem as soon as possible.

Fly or Die io nickname:

You can choose your nickname to play the Fly or die io game. The handle helps you to differentiate yourself from other players. It would be best if you kept in mind all the following rules for the selection of a nickname:

  • Avoid a nickname similar to any other player of the Fly or die io game.
  • Don’t use a nickname, which is a vulgar expression or graphics.
  • Fly or Die io don’t allow the player to inflict hatred based on race, religion, sexuality, and political reviews.
  • Avoid nicknames that show abuse and harassment.
  • Your nickname must express that you are an employee of the Fly or die game.
  • You select a name avoiding all these rules, otherwise your account deletes and make unregistered.


Aby sort of cheating or make offensive mistake allowed Fly or die to delete or unregistered you. All sort of affair are listing below:

  • Don’t try to operate high jumping.
  • Avoid resetting, banking, and using other nicknames.
  • Not try to participate in any tournament with another nickname.
  • Don’t force an opponent to leave the match in it.
  • Try to accept your failure against a competitive opponent. Don’t blame game management for your defeat.
  • Try to prevent yourself from all these miss- behavioural actions. As a result, you stay for a long time in Fly or die and become a good player of this game.


  • A good player in Fly or die oi don’t try to make any cultural conversation. Besides, there are also some prominent rules for Fly or die oi.
  • Any technical destruction such as inserting large pictures and empty messages causes a change in your forum size, and fly or die oi organization hinders the regular forum use.
  • If a player is doing the same message and illogical conversation regularly, then he/she loses the opportunity to enjoy this fantastic game.
  • Content destruction such as off-topic messages, criticism of cultural aspects, and aggressive actions should also become the reason for player account blockage.
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However, fly or die gives the best opportunities and benefits to enjoy playing the game, but there are some strict rules for these games. Please scroll down to know conduct rules in the Fly or die oi game:

  • Don’t try to criticize other players rather than their reviews and comments.
  • Avoid offending the nickname of any player with vulgar language.
  • A concealed or unconcealed advertisement should be blocked the player account.
  • Don’t try to call any unlawful and action against the game organization.
  • Don’t try to refer to body parts and other sexuality during the Fly or die oi conversation.
  • Avoid using other accounts and creating another account for others.
  • Prevent obstructing the moderators from doing their jobs.

Don’t try to spread any rumors about the Fly or die Io game. Any false news conflicts with your account and tends to block

Suppose any misbehaving and illogical actions make your account un-registered or blocked by Fly or die management staff. You need to pay heed to all below-listed content:

  • Fly or Die io has the right to block any players who become suspected due to adverse acts.
  • Fly or Die io can’t bear a lot of nickname banishment and stock of a single player’s nicknames.
  • A player trying to destroy or disturbs Fly or die’s reputation excluding from the game immediately.
  • Fly or Die io don’t allow players to share their personal lives and gossips in a room or forum.
  • These all rules and regulations are mandatory for a player in Fly or die io. Anyone who tries to show irrelevance from these rules and regulation should face strict barriers to join the game again.

Tips and tricks for Fly or die io:

Now I’ll like to share some of the tips and tricks to follow in the game and become one of the best players in this game:

  • Fly or die send an email inviting former players. Please keep an eye on all inviting messages and also the relevant stuff.
  • The email sometimes sends to senior communities. This time it’s the best option to get fame as the best player in fly bor die io.
  • Try to participate in double tournaments. By participating in all matches in Fly or die io, you can quickly rank as a good player.
  • Try to invite friends and other relatives to play this fantastic game. Make sure of an application or program for subscribing Fly or die relevant stuff. By this, you approach the position of old 3rd
  • A monthly tournament should play a vital role in making progress in Fly or die io. This tournament increased your score and elevated the balance in the position of high ranking players.
  • Place the info about the player with whom you want to play. This trick helps you to plays with your best competitor or best partner in the game.
  • When you become an excellent p[layer and know well about playing, try to challenge other players with real money options. If you win the challenge by this trick, you make sure to get money and win 200-300 points in the Fly or die io game.
  • You also your crown to defend yourself in a room while playing Fly or de io.
  • By implementing all these tips and tricks, you can quickly get fame and popularity through this game and had included in the best player team.


Although Fly or die is a high ranking game with 16k reviews and 1Mega + downloads. Besides all these features, this game is awarding with a 3+ stars review. This game proves the best choice for you.

Final verdict:

Who doesn’t love the game for time pass. this game is one of the great game for time pass.If you want to know about the Fly or Die io game and its other aspects, you quickly get your desired knowledge about it from the content mentioned above.




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