Regions bank routing number

Regions bank routing number


Your Regions Bank Routing Number plays an important role in managing where your money should go. It identifies a special financial institution and can smooth transactions like direct security or making payments. However, you can find your routing number on this page, on your checks, or by logging into your online account.

First of all, regions Bank is a full-service regional organization discovered in 15 states in the Southern United States and the Midwestern United States. As long as you’re not confirming your Regions Bank routing number or where to discover yours, continue reading under to see what it is and where you can learn it.

What Is a Routing Number?

A defeating number is a 9-digit number that recognizes the financial organization related to the bank account.

The first four digits of your routing digit mention the Federal Reserve routing number, and the next four mention an American Bankers corporation (A.B.A.) routing number. Moreover, the last number is the “find out digit. They use a “check digit” to ensure the routing number between a special equation. It can help sure its accuracy and authenticity.

You can discover your routing number five different methods:

  • On your check: You’ll discover the nine-digit number in the base left corner of a hard-copy check. Follow the quirky font? It’s called magnetic ink character identification line (MICR), and it’s a dramatic ink used by banks to help system checks quickly.
  • Banking statement: Check your monthly statement to discover your bank’s special routing number.
  • Bank website: Sign in to your online banking account, search, and discover the number particular to your branch and area.
  • Bank phone customer service: Call the consumer service number for your bank and ask for your A.B.A. digit.

A.B.A. Routing Number: Use the A.B.A.’s tool to discover the routing number for your bank or credit merger. Keep in mind that they restrict users to two improves per day and a complete of 10 lookups every month.


Understanding the separates numbers on a check:

Extra to the nine-digit number restricted on the bottom left corner of a check, there are two other recognizing numbers: the account number and the inspect number.


  • Account number: The account digit is the number restricted in the middle segment at the bottom of a check. It is your unique identifier and is particular to your account only. Usually, eight or nine numbers long, this number signifies your different account.
  • Check number: The last digit you’ll see on the bottom of a find out is the check number, and it’s located in the afar right corner. Check numbers can support you stay organized and keep the path of the checks you write. You can discover this three-to-four digit number in the bottom or highest right corner of a check.

When do I require my routing number?

Routing numbers are used in many financial outlines, so it’s smart to know how to enter this digit and use it. You’ll use this digit to:

Pay bills automatically: You likely payment the same bills every month. Whether it’s your mortgage, car bill, or utilities, these costs are recurring. 

To create your life easier, you can schedule your payments spontaneously and have the funds introverted from your account automatically.

  • To set this up, you’ll require your bank’s routing number.
  • Process a check: If you wish to deposit a check, whether in person or between your bank’s mobile app, you’ll require the routing number. Banks can system checks quickly cause of this number.
  • Bank website: Sign in to your online banking account, search, and discover this number particular to your branch and location.
  • Transfer money: If you’ve always transferred money from one bank to another, you’ve used a routing number. Routing numbers permit money transfer from one financial forever to another.
  • Direct deposit: Most managers pay their employees between direct deposit. Direct deposit clarifies things and permits money deposit instantly, instead of waiting for a check to be prepared and cleared. For a direct deposit to work, you’ll need to give the H.R. or accounting team your bank’s routing number.
  • File taxes: When filing taxes, you’ll need to list your routing number so you can receive your tax refund, if applicable.
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Regions Bank Routing Number Florida:

Let’s move to the Regions Bank Florida routing number. For those Regions Bank account containers in Florida, this is where you will learn your routine digit. When it comes to Regions Florida routing digit, it is the same case with Alabama. The A.B.A. routing number and the wire move routing number are similar.  The routing number for global wire transfer is dissimilar, just like the one designate above.

  • Regions Florida Routing digit: 063104668
  • Wire bear Routing Number: 063104668
  • International Wire Transfer: 062005690

Please take a record of these numbers. While the A.B.A. routing number is handy on your checkbook, the global routing number is not. So try to have a duplicate of these numbers for extremity motives.


We also listed a double of bank routing numbers from PayPal routing number, the NCSECU routing number, and Citizens Bank routing number.

What Is the Regions Bank Routing Number Used For?

  • So you might be wondering what the Regions Bank routing number has to do with you and why it’s essential. Still, the system uses a routing number surprisingly for many different day-to-day financial deals.


  • The authorities use routing numbers for whole financial transactions such as direct deposit discharges, bill payments, and toll payments. Your routing number obey as the location identifier for the financial organization you opened your account with.


  • So, for sample, when you have direct security, your paycheck is put into your bank account. The routing number, in this case, says the money which financial organization to move to.


  • Routing numbers are like addresses for financial organizations, and everyone will have a dissimilar one. The number decorates that the financial institution has an account with the Federal keep.

Different kinds of Routing Numbers:

  • Your routing number is used to recognize a special financial institution.  But some big financial institutions can have numerous routing numbers that may be based on the state you carry the account in.
  • On the summit of that, different kinds of routing numbers are based on the particular action. For example, there can be dissimilar routing numbers for wire transfers than A.C.H. or straight deposit.

Regions Bank Routing Number vs. Account Number:

  • Your Regions Bank routing number isn’t the only essential number when it comes to managing your commerce. Your account number plays an essential role as well.


  • When concluding financial transactions, you’re typically asked about your routing number and your account number. But what’s the dissimilar?


  • The routing number is the handler of the bank or financial institution, although your account number mentions in your specific financial account. So an account number can constitute your checking account, for sample.


  • So your routing number is the type of like your address, and your account number is like a chamber number, showing which specific one it is.

Where to Find the Regions Bank Routing Number on a Check:

  • Although checks are going out of fashion to approve digital tools for payments, you might still require to use one from time to time. Your find out have your routing number on them. If you need to learn your Regions Bank routing number on a check, look at the 9-digit number in the base left-hand corner. That is your routing digit, but it’s just the nine numbers.


  • The other digits in the center are your account number, and the numbers on the right part are your check number.

Routing Number vs. Swift key vs. IBANs: What’s the Difference?

  • U.S. use routing numbers for economic transactions to identify the financial organization. But other laws do something the same but in individual places outside of the U.S.  


  • For sample, there are SWIFT codes. SWIFT stands for Society for global Interbank Financial telegraphy.


  • They use  SWIFT codes when sending or accepting money from overseas and are similar to a routing number.SWIFT laws identify a special financial institution.


  • IBAN, or global Bank Account Number, mentions a specific country and account, so it’s the same as an account number, although not a renewal for one. SWIFT codes and IBANs are used to direct abroad payments, whether you’re sending or accepting.  
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  • So you might see the words’ routing number’ and ‘account number’ when referring to bills sent and received in the U.S., but you’ll see policy ‘SWIFT codes’ and ‘IBAN’ for international payment transactions.

Causes to Bank with Regions Bank:

  • Bank when and how you wish with Mobile Banking, Online Banking with payment  Pay, and get free entry to over 1,900 ATMs legal denial across Regions’ 15-state service location.
  • Visit intuition by Regions for tools, tips, and calculators to support you manage your money, finance your requires and track your spending.
  • Regions trust in giving back to our communities by helping local organizations and donating our time and flairs. Regions Bank even provide associates a paid day off to volunteer with a reason of their choice.
  • Earn a Relationship prize with a Regions checking account or Rewards credit card, and gain Cashback Rewards between Online Banking for qualifying Check Card & Now card buy.
  • Use Google Pay valid disclaimer, Apple Pay valid disclaimer, Samsung Pay legal disclaimer, and Visa Checkout legal disclaimer to make safe payments from your mobile device. They also support Zelle to send money to friends in legal denial, available through Online Banking and Regions Mobile app.
  • To lessen the risk of deceit on your Regions cards, you can use Regions LockItSM: with the connection of a button, block deals with your Regions mobile app.
  • With prize-winning customer service between a branch, online, mobile, Facebook, or Twitter, or flat at an A.T.M., Regions Bank tries to make every experience a satisfying one.

How Regions Bank Compares:

  • Chase Bank: pursue is one of the biggest banks in the U.S and supports just about almost everything. Compared to its other PC, Chase offers many more checking account alternatives.
  • Bank of America: As one of the greater banks in the U.S., many may choose BoA to benefit locations throughout 35 states. However, BoA offers restricted account options.
  • Wells Fargo: Though there are more areas for this bank, their offerings light compared to Regions cause they don’t have as many. However, Wells Fargo has 24/7 customer service, but their benefits would be the most useful to current Wells Fargo mortgage customers instead.


Q1.Is Swift code the same as the routing number?

The biggest separation between a routing number and a swift value is that routing numbers are used for family wire transfers, whereas SWIFT codes are for global wire transfers.


Q2.Is there a difference through ABA RTN and routing number?

An A.B.A. routing digit (also known as routing number or routing movement number) is a nine-digit number used by the district or international banks to determine specific financial institutions within the United States when making a transaction.


Q3.What is the contrast between the wire routing number and A.C.H. routing number?

For notepaper or check moves, they use An A.B.A. routing number. An A.C.H. routing number is for electronic reserves transfers or between online banking. Still, the A.B.A. routing numerals and A.C.H. routing numbers may be identical in some establishments, while they can also be different.


Q4.Is IBAN the same as Swift?

IBAN stands for global Bank Account Number. You can use IBANs when making or accepting worldwide payments. On the other hand, a SWIFT key would be a code that helps global banks identify the destination of wire transfers.

Bottom Line:

Overall, Regions Bank routing number offers pretty unique features compared to other banks and is more flexible than most banks’ well-known banks. With their Now Regions feature, those who don’t want the hassle of opening a money market or CD directly through Regions can access it without having a Regions checking or savings accounts. As long as you pay the fees, you can make use of this service.


However, retain in mind that when you look for a checking or savings account, be confirm to look into all the fees charged. Don’t be well defined on the interest rate alone, but on what the account will value you overall.

If you’re interested in banking with Regions Bank, see what they have to offer through Regions Bank Promotions! And while you’re here on HMB, check our full list of Best Bank Promotions for more options!


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