Strawberry plants for sale you need to know

Strawberry plants for sale

Strawberry (Fragaria bananas) is a shrub belonging to the family Rosaceae. Also, strawberry plants for sale always represent different varieties. Strawberries are small shrubs of creeping nature. It has no stiff stems or stalks. The leaves are green, with short edges grooved, like thankuni leaves; The leaf stems are also long, slender, and soft. In the bushes, white or ghee-coloured flowers bloom like small bells. Hold the fruit one by one on the head of the stem-like a thin thread.

But the most interesting is the fruit. Tree-like litchi bears many fruits. The color of the raw fruit is greenish, bright ripe red when ripe.   There is a lot of demand for strawberries in the big cities of our country. Therefore, it is possible to meet the family nutrition through strawberry cultivation as well as earn extra income by selling it in the market

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Strawberry is a very nutritious juicy fruit. It contains water, food energy, carbs, fats, sugars, crude fiber, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin-C, niacin, and vitamins.

There is no substitute for strawberries to get proper nutrition, just as we should plant strawberry plants for sale.

Characteristics of strawberry plants for sale:

1)    The strawberry tree looks a lot like a thunkuni or potato tree, but the leaves are a little bigger and broader.

  • Strawberry trees are small shrubby creeping nature. It has no stiff stems or stalks.
  • The strawberry tree leaves are green; the edges are grooved, the stems are long, slender, and soft.
  • The tree has small white flowers. Next, one by one, the fruit grows on the head like a thin thread.
  • The strawberry fruit is green when raw but bright red when ripe.
  • The fruit looks a lot like litchi, sour in taste and sweet and fragrant.


Strawberry varieties:

1.Variety names>Barry Strawberry-1, Barry Strawberry-2, Barry Strawberry-3(The producer’s name is Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, and the cultivation period is the first week of September.)

2.Variety names>RBI-1, RBI-2, and RBI-3. (The name of the producer is Rajshahi University, and the cultivation period is September-October.)

3.Variety names> Modern Strawberry-1, Modern Strawberry-2, Modern Strawberry-3, Modern Strawberry-4, Modern Strawberry-5 (Name of the producing organization Modern Horticulture Center, Nature and the time of cultivation is September-October)


Among the mentioned varieties, the following are the descriptions of the types developed by the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute.


Barry Strawberry-1:


One wide yielding variety cultivable all over Bangladesh The tree bears an average of 36 fruits per tree with an average weight of 741 grams. The fruit is 100% edible. Flowering begins in mid-November, and mid-December to mid-April is the fruit collecting time. The average height of the tree is 30 cm, and the spread is 45-50 cm. Each tree bears 32 fruits with an average weight of 450 grams.

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Each tree bears 32 fruits with an average weight of 450 grams. The yield per hectare is 10-12 tons—heart-shaped fruits of small to medium size with an average weight of 14 grams. The ripe is an attractive gorgeous red banner—the aromatic tastes sour-sweet.

Barry Strawberry-2:

One wide yielding variety cultivable all over Bangladesh tree bears an average of 36 fruits per tree with an average weight of 741 grams. The fruit is 100% edible. Flowering begins in mid-November, while the fruits harvesting season is December to March. The fruits are dark red, relatively firm, quite large; the edges are flattened, juicy, fragrant, and sweet. As a result, plenty of vitamin C is available. You can store fruits for 2/3 days.

Barry Strawberry-3:

A wide yielding variety cultivable all over Bangladesh, the tree bears 39 fruits per tree with an average weight of 60 grams. The fruit is 100% edible. The fruits are attractive red, long conical in shape, quite large, the fruit is relatively healthy, the edges are narrow, juicy, fragrant, and sweet. As a result, plenty of vitamin C is available. You can store fruits for 2/3 days.


Suitable soil and weather

  • Strawberries are mainly mild winter mainland crops. Dry weather is required when flowers and fruits come. The climate of Bangladesh is suitable for strawberry cultivation in the Rabi season. Sandy-loam soil from such fertile loam is ideal for strawberry cultivation.

Temperature for strawberry plants for sale

Two-fiber and sandy two-fiber soil

Bhadra to Ashwin month (mid-August to mid-October)

Day and night at 20-26 ° and 12-16 ° C, respectively.

Land preparation:

  • you should cultivate the land well. Cultivate the ground at least 1 foot deep. During the last cultivation, Mix An adequate amount of fertilizer in the soil. When the pH of the individual soil results in low and strawberry cultivation, it is necessary to increase its pH with lime. The soil pH value for strawberries is 7.0 to 7.0.


Time of planting strawberry seedlings:

  • The best time to plant strawberry seedlings is Ashwin (mid-September to mid-October). However, you can plant strawberry seedlings from November to December.


Planting strawberry seedlings:


  • Prepare Beds in the land for planting seedlings. There should be a 40-50 cm ditch between the two beds. After completing strawberry land, the distance from the line to the line should be 50-60 cm, and Plant strawberry seedlings 30-40 cm in each row. If you plant seedlings in this way, You can plant 150 seedlings per century. The drainage system has to be kept in the middle of each row.


Fertilizer application:

To get high-quality yield, You should apply the following amount of fertilizer per straw per hectare.

Name and quantity of fertilizer:

  1. Urea 1 kg per century.
  2. TSP is 600 grams per century.
  3. MOP is 900 grams per century.
  4. Six hundred grams of gypsum per century
  5. 120 kg of dried rotten dung per century


During the last cultivation, complete dung, TSP, gypsum, and half amount of MOP fertilizer should be sprinkled on the land and mixed well with the soil. Urea and remaining MOP fertilizer should be applied in 4-5 installments 15 days after planting 15-20 days after planting.



If there is a lack of juice in the land, it is necessary to rinse it as required. Strawberries absolutely cannot tolerate waterlogging, So drain out extra rain or irrigation water quickly.


Strawberry plants for sale & Production of seedlings:

  • Strawberries breed through runners. Therefore, it is necessary to uproot the previous year’s tree from the ground and plant it in a light shady place rich in the organic matter without destroying it. If the root of the runner from the tree comes out, it should be cut and put in a polythene bag containing 50 percent dung and 50 percent polythene.

Then store the seedlings in a light shady place with a polythene bag. Provide Polythene canopy on the seedlings to protect them from excess rain. . if someone propagates lineage through runners, the yield of strawberries gradually decreases. The result of strawberries gradually decreases. Therefore, it is better to use seedlings produced through tissue culture to yield the variety.


Others about strawberry plants for sale:

Indirect contact with the soil, the strawberry fruit rots For 20-25 days after planting, the seedlings cover the strawberry beds with straw or black polythene. Suppose you mix 3 ml of Darsban-20 EC and 2 g of Bavistin DF in every litre of water. If you purify the straw in that solution, fleas will not attack and remain intact for a long time. After planting, a lot of vines like runner or Pikachu vines start coming out from their roots. These cover the land. The yield is not good. For this, cut the runners every 10-15 days.

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Strawberries attributes:

  1. Strawberries decreased, the harmful fat in the human body
  2. Protects the body from various infections
  3. Strawberries have a lot of fiber, which helps in relieving diabetes and constipation.
  4. It helps to lose weight.
  5. Prevents hair fall
  6. Increases memory.
  7. Reduces the risk of cancer

The market potential for strawberry plants for sale

Commercial Production will provide a fair market locally and abroad, and farmers will benefit.

.Since strawberry cultivation is more comfortable and more profitable than other crops, many people, especially unemployed youth, are making a living by cultivating strawberries.

This new variety of strawberry tree bears fruit within two and a half months after planting. A farmer can earn around Rs 1.5 lakh by cultivating strawberries on one bigha of land by spending only Rs 30,000. At the farmer level, the price of strawberries is Rs 300 per kg.

The cultivation of these three varieties of strawberries in 2003 yielded promising results, and the local climate was conducive to the cultivation of this fruit. Strawberry cultivation has excellent potential in all parts of the country except coastal districts. It is possible to earn a lot of foreign exchange by cultivating strawberries commercially at the national level. It is undoubtedly a profitable crop for farmers. Due to its greater economic importance, farmers will be able to cultivate strawberries commercially.

Disease pest management:

●     Leaf site disease: A type of fungus that causes this disease. Invasion of this disease reduces the yield and quality of the fruit. Remedy this, approved fungicides like Secure or Rid milled Gold should be mixed with 2 g per liter of water and sprayed 2-3 times in a row for 8-10 days.

●     Fruit rot disease: The disease causes brown or black spots wet on the fruit. The holes overgrow, and the fruit becomes unfit to eat. For this, before the fruit ripens, the approved fungicide like Noin 50 WP or Bavistin DF should be mixed with 2 g per liter of water and sprayed 2-3 times in a row for 7-10 days.

●     Spider: spider mites severely disrupt strawberry yields and quality. In their attack, the leaves turn copper and thicken and gradually shrink.

●     Birds: The bulbul is the biggest enemy of strawberries. The infestation of birds begins before the fruit is fully ripe. Therefore, after the fruit comes, the whole bed should be covered with a net so that the bird cannot eat the fruit.

●     Maintenance of mother plant: Strawberry trees cannot tolerate intense sunlight and heavy rains. Use the tree’s expected growth. After collecting the fruits, healthy and vigorous trees can be picked up and planted under a polythene tent to protect the mother tree from the sun’s heat and heavy rains.


The amount of crop produced:

About 6,000 saplings will plant in each bigha of land. If 250-300 grams of barley strawberry-1 is producing per tree, it is possible to get about 1.5 to 2tons of fruit per bigha.


The cost sector Amount/Estimated value (money):

Seeds/seedlings required

And the cost for this is 40,000 rupee.

Land ready

It will cost 1500 rupees to cultivate and produce females.


Irrigation is required four times.

And it will cost 1000 rupees. It will take 30 workers, and 4500 more

It will cost money.

Strawberry plants for sale & Capital

One bigha (33 percent) of land will cost around Rs. 80,000 for strawberry cultivation. If you need a loan to raise capital, you can contact your relatives, public and private lending banks, or private institutions.

Public and private lending banks or non-government institutions provide conditional loans.


Before cultivating strawberries, you need to know more about them from an experienced person. Besides, suppose you want to see any information related to cultivation. In that case, you can contact the agriculture officer at the local agricultural extension department’s union level or the Upazila agriculture office; besides, every district and Upazila level in Bangladesh provides training on agriculture in the Department of Youth Development.


One way to remedy locally produced organic pesticides is to expand local agriculture even if it does not control pests.

Contact the Agriculture Officer at the Union level of the Department or the Upazila Agriculture Office for advice.

FAQs for Strawberry plants for sale:

Question 1: Strawberries are mainly grown in which region?

Answer: Strawberries are mainly mild winter mainland crops.

Question 2: What is the yield per strawberry bigha?

Answer: Yield per strawberry is 1.5-2 tons per bigha.

Cultivating strawberries will benefit us as well as improve the financial condition of the country. We need to take care of strawberry plants for sale so that insects do not attack.


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