Harga Real me 5 Pro

Harga Real me 5 Pro

At present, there is no alternative to android phones for our communication. However, the relationship of contact with Android mobile is essential. Read this article to know more about Harga Real Me 5 Pro and see the descriptions of important information.\

There are many types of Android phones. In the modern era, the use of phones is one more. You can easily buy the best phone you can afford. A good phone at a low price is the Harga Real Me 5 Pro. You are scrolling down to learn more details.

A short description of the quality and type of  Harga Realme 5 Pro:

Realme offers dependable devices with “strong presentation, modern design, and genuine services.” The Realme 5 is the best smartphone for those searching for a stark device that can get the work done without the high price badge. Read on to discover more about Realme 5 in Malaysia.

Discuss what is in the whole body of Harga Realme 5 pro:

●     Learn about the display of Realme 5 pro:

The shutter size of this phone is 6.5 “.Best size among Realme 5 pro, Its display resolution is 720 x1600 pixels. Realme 5 pro phone is not waterproof—pixel Density of Realme 5 269ppi.There is no Scratch Resistant in the display of Realme 5.

●     About the camera of Harga Realme 5 pro:

The back camera of this mobile is 12 + 8 +. 2MP. The camera on the front of the Realme phone is 13MP. The camera lens of this phone is a Quad Camera

●     Discuss the design of Realme 5 pro:

The Realme phone weighs 184g. The body material of the phone is plastic.Dimensions of the phone are (W x H x D) 164.4 x 75.6 x 9.3mm.

●     The battery capacity of Realme 5 pro:

The battery volume of the phone is 5000mAh

●     phone’s platform:

It is the CPU of the phone

Qualcomm SDM665 Snapdragon 665 (11 nm). Realme phone tour Processor Core is Octa Core. The platform of the phone is Android.

●     Realme 5 pro phone at the time of its first release:

The launch date of the Realme 5 is September 2019.

●     Realme 5 pro phone SIM:

This phone has a dual SIM. As well, Nano-SIM is available as sIM Card.

●     What is the connection to the Realme phone?

Realme phones have Micro-USB as USB Connectors. This phone does not have a 5G connection and does not have an NFC connection.The Wi-Fi standard of the phone is 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac.

●     the memory card of Realme 5 pro:

Realme has Expandable Memory.

●     Features of Realme 5 pro:

Realme 5 Pro features no face recognition system but a fingerprint scanner. It ensures the privacy of your phone.

●     The price of Harga Real Me 5 Pro:

The price of Harga Real Me 5 Pro is 549 ringgit in Malaysian rupees and 11,518 rupees in Bangladeshi rupees.

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Harga Realme 5 pro specifications :

Released in September 2019, here are the Realme 5 Pro specifications.


  • Screen size:3 inch IPS LCD, 1080 x 2340 pixels
  • Chipset: Qualcomm SDM712 Snapdragon 712
  • OS: Android 9.0 (Pie)
  • RAM: 4GB / 8GB
  • Internal memory: 128GB
  • Mobile size: 157 x 74.2 x 8.9 mm
  • HP Weight: 184 grams
  • Front camera: 16 MP, f / 2.0
  • Rear camera: 48 MP, f / 1.8 (wide) + 8 MP, f / 2.2 (ultrawide) + 2 MP, f / 2.4 (macro) + 2 MP, f / 2.4 (depth)
  • Battery: Non-removable Li-Po 4035 mAh battery
  • Colour Options: Crystal Green, Sparkling Blue
  • Release Date: September 2019
  • Price of Realme 5 Pro (4GB / 128GB RAM): IDR 2,999,000
  • Price of Realme 5 Pro (8GB / 128GB RAM): IDR 3,699,000

Premium and elegant design :

  1. As evident from images, we have the Realme 5 Pro Crystal Green variant that reminds us of the Vivo Z1 Pro. One of the causes is perhaps the ‘holographic gradient back.’ The back panel has a diamond design different from the gradient that we usually see on Realme phones. Realme says the attractive feature is achieved through a complex system, and it took them 78 reconciliation to best the ending view.


  1. The phone is mainly made out of polyetherimide and has a glass finish. The back panel is shiny with seamless turn-on edges, confirming a firm grip. Although it isn’t as premium as the Realme X, it doesn’t feel cheap either.


  1. The beside rail is also plastic, and it houses the sim-tray and volume rocker on the left and the power key on the right border. Buttons feel firm and have good palpable feedback. Different X, the 5 Pro doesn’t have any pop-up camera process and houses a selfie cam inside a tiny V-shaped notch at the top. You will notice incredibly slim bezels on the sides and a relatively more prominent chin at the bottom on close inspection.


  1. The quad-camera arrangement at the back protrudes somewhat. However, the bundled occurrence evens out the hump. There is aptly placed, fast and reliable on the right of the rear camera module. On the back camera module’s right, yes, the handset has a revocable Type-C charging harbor.


  1. Realme has also attached it in terms of build grade. There are no bends or creaks, and the Realme 5 Pro feels solid in hand. The display is shielded by Gorilla Glass 3, and Realme claims the phone is splash resistant (though there’s no IP certification).


Good screen quality, so visuals are sharp:

Realme 5 Pro has a 6.3-inch IPS LCD screen equipped with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3+ protector. This IPS screen makes the visual results of the HP sharper and more responsive. This one cell phone also has a good perspective so that multimedia experiences like watching movies or playing games are more satisfying and enjoyable.


Realme 5 Pro program:

The Realme 5 Pro hurry ColorOS 6 leased from Oppo but with various purifications. In terms of quality, Color OS is as great as any other Android-based custom OS. There’s Game help, Game Space, Smart Driving modes, Clone Apps, and many more. The software also includes DRM L1 authorization and supports HD streaming from apps like Netflix and Prime Videos.

Has four cameras of good quality:

The portrait of this quad-camera cellphone is indeed good. This Realme cellphone is equipped with a 48MP resolution camera that can capture sharp details. Even the dynamic range produced by this cell phone looks wide and following the original.


Resistant to splashes of water:

Even though it doesn’t have an IP rating, which means maximum water and dust resistance, the Realme 5 Pro is still resistant to splashes of water thanks to this HP body design. Realme deliberately designed this cellphone body by sealing the gap between the frame and the panel, port, speaker, SIM tray, and cellphone buttons. This sealing uses a combination of glue, rubber gaskets, and rings to make it safer.


Large battery capacity:

No doubt that this phone’s battery capacity is 4035 mAh big, even more, significant than Realme X.

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Supported fast charging as well as AI power saving:

Not only equipped with a large battery capacity, but Realme 5 Pro is also supported by fast charging VOOC 3.0 20W (5V / 4V). With this technology, charging this Realme battery from 0% only takes just over an hour. Realme also embeds the AI ​​Freezer on the Realme 5 Pro specifications to recognize device conditions and automatically adjust applications to save power.

It’s a USB Type-C:

When HP in its class still uses micro USB, the Realme 5 Pro specifications appear with USB Type-C to strengthen its fast charging capabilities.


Some problems with Harga Realme 5 Pro:

●     The screen is not AMOLED:

Although in terms of specifications, Realme 5 Pro has a wide screen that is sharp and rich in colour, but unfortunately, this Realme 5 Pro is not equipped with an AMOLED screen’s sophistication. You can’t feel the brightness and sharpness given by the AMOLED screen on this cell phone. Apart from that, this is one reason the Realme 5 Pro doesn’t feature an under-display fingerprint sensor because the technology only works on AMOLED screens.


●    There is no camera with a telephoto lens:

None of the four main Realme 5 Pro cameras carries telephoto, so the zoom capability is not optimal.

●    The software needs to be upgraded:

In terms of software, Realme 5 Pro needs to improve its capabilities. This HP Realme 5 Pro only uses ColorOS 6, which features Game Assist, Game Space, Clone Apps, and several other Android UI-like features. Unfortunately, ColorOS has some pretty annoying things like bloatware.

●    Speaker quality is not that great:

Even though the Realme 5 Pro price is above 2 million, it is unfortunate that the speakers’ quality is not optimal. The specifications of the Realme 5 Pro are less audible, so it is not optimal for viewing videos, listening to music, or playing games.

Differentiation between Realme 5 and Realme 5 Pro:

  • The most noticeable contrast between Realme 5 and Realme 5 Pro is happening in their exhibit size. Realme 5 has a 6.5-inch shutter with an 82.7% shutter-to-body ratio, while the Realme 5 Pro has a 6.3-inch screen with an 83.9% shutter-to-body proportion. The resolution is also separate, with the closing having 720 x 1600 pixels and the previous 1080 x 2340 elements.


  • While the arrange size difference is prominent, the most significant difference lies in the back camera. The Realme 5 has a quad-lens camera process with 12MP wide-angle lens, an 8MP ultrawide lens, a 2MP macro lens, and a 2MP drop glass for its back camera. Meantime, the Realme 5 Pro also has a quad-lens camera process with a 48MP wide-angle lens, 8MP large area lens, 2MP macro lens, and 2MP depth lens for the primary camera.


1)Realme 5 pro coated?

The Realme 5 is not coated as it does not have the essential IP67 or IP68 rating critical for a smartphone to be water-resistant. While it may resist minor water splashes, it’s best to avoid dropping this device underwater. When using it near water bodies, save it with wrapping or place it in a coated bag. Significant exposure to water can damage the phone’s motherboard and jeopardize its performance.


2)Does Realme 5 pro have Gorilla Mirror?

The Realme has a glass forward, plastic tail, and a plastic fixture. The glass head is covered by a Corning Gorilla Mirror 3+ that protects it from impacts that can damage your screen.


3)Is Realme 5 pro best for punting?

The Realme 5 is provided with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 mainframe, an Octa-central CPU, a 610 GPU, a 5000 mAh cell, and an IPS LCD capacitance touchpad. These glasses are powerful enough to support casual to reasonably heavy gaming. Games like PUBG, Call of Duty, and Mobile Legends can run smoothly without lag or overheating.


4)Does Realme 5 pro support 5G?

No, the Realme 5 is unable to support 5G connectivity. It helps other types of connectivity such as LTE, 4G, 3G, 2G, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.


5)How to raise the speed of Realme 5 pros?

Here is the guide to speed it up in 5 minutes, close to increasing your slow Android phone speed.


6)How to hard reset Realme 5 pro?

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to save battery:1. Turn off notification from less used.



Harga Realme 5 Pro is a powerful package considering the price for which it retails in the market. The Realme 5 Pro is now the low-priced Snapdragon 712 phone in the country and should be a very tempting option for a purchaser who sequences gaming. The versatile camera with the 48MP Sony device in the lead and high-speed charging are other features to look forward to. So, is the Realme 5 Pro a dignitary purchase in these accounts? We’d observe yes. Although, if you can expend more, the Realme X with a more premium design and attractive AMOLED display should be a better select overall.


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