SHAREit Apk Download for Android, PC, and IOS

SHAREit Apk Download

SHAREit APK download is a file sharing and sending app for Android, iOS, and  Windows/Mac tools. It is a free-to-use app that furnishes wireless file-sharing at the giant race.

SHAREit Download is obtainable for Android devices, but Windows/Mac users too can use it. Windows / Mac needs an Android emulator to run SHAREit for Android. Users can send and share files with ease. SHAREit APK download can transfer files at high speeds (and for free).


Short description of SHAREit APK Download :

  • SHAREit app is safe (and free) to use the app. This app got released for Android in 2012, and since then, It has over 200 million downloads. Millions of people count on the SHAREit APK for a safe, high-speed file-sharing encounter. Besides, it is free from the hassles of adjustment and other related matters. Free from poisons, safe to use, does not hinder user privacy; these are just a few of the reasons you should perform SHAREit download today. It is a safe-to-use app that runs very evenly and sends files simply.
  • Unlike the traditional ways of broadcast transferring/sharing files, The SHAREit app makes the genre completely new. instead of using the ever-famous Bluetooth, it uses far better machinery, the Wi-Fi. SHAREit uses Wi-Fi Direct to the very crucial when it comes to filing, sharing, and transferring. Bluetooth is undoubtedly a great technology that shows up to Bluetooth 5.0. It uses a sound file transfer speed of up to 40 Mbps, but it falls short in contrast to SHAREit.
  • Doubtless the best file sharing and sends app out there. It surpassed the 200 million-plus download mark, and the stars grew further.SHAREit is a simple system, and the app is way quicker than Bluetooth or NFC. Amazingly, the Wi-Fi Straight on this app is faster than most of the USB wired connections. The embrasure is simple and very easy to understand. Its file size is relatively small, and that makes it compatible with most smartphones and tablets.

What’s New?

●     A brand new feature — Share Zone: When connecting with friends, you can select anything you like from your friend’s Zone.

●     Fastest in the World: Shareit is 200 times faster than Bluetooth; the highest speed goes up to 20M/s.

●     Transfer files without losing quality:

Transfer All Types of DataPhotos, videos, music, installed apps, and any other data.

●     Cross-platform transferring:

Share-it is a Cross-platform sharing for phones & computers & tablets, Android & iOS & Windows Phone & Windows XP/7/8 to the latest version.

●     Phone copy:

Copy contacts, SMS messages, MMS messages, songs, videos, apps, and other input from your old mobile to the new one in just one selected.

●     Infinite Online Videos:

HD & Selective, Offline watching, Continuously updated.

●     Excellent Video Player:

Shareit supports almost all formats And gives you a smooth playing experience.

●     Discover Trending Music:

Tens of millions of high-quality songs and thousands of curated playlists. Online & Offline.

●     Improved Connectivity:

By accessing Location, help Shareit to discover users. Hence, it is required by the Android system to access this permission.

●     Discover Quickly:

By accessing Bluetooth Connection, Share-it can discover nearby share its users more quickly to connect with Sender/Receiver more efficiently.

Features of SHAREit app download:

Despite being a fantastic file-sharing app, the SHAREit app has got a lot more to provide. It is undoubtedly more than purely being an app for file dividing. Here is a comprehensive file of all the popular properties that SHAREit has.

  1. SHAREit is the fastest file sharing and transfers app out there. It is available for free download on several mobile working processes. Even has carried for cross-platform file transfer. It means that Android enjoyer can transfer files to iOS users and vice-versa with the facility.
  2. Users can send and shares all file types with ease.
  3. The updated type of app also comes with an embedded video player and a video downloader. Within this player and downloader, users can create entry millions of online videos for loose. The users can also install these videos on their tools for open as well. The embedded video player can play nearly every type of video file.
  4. With the video player’s inclusion on the SHAREit, users need not download any external video player. Users can play an array of videos of the excellent standard on this gamer. SHAREit APK makes confirm that all the users get to experience this app to the fullest. It is a small-sized app that is amazing.
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Technical features of SHAREit :

  • This app can transfer/share folder at speeds up to 300 Mbps. It is almost six times that of the conventional Bluetooth file transfer speed. Since this app uses Wi-Fi Straight, all the file transfer is fast, safe and highly stable.
  • SHAREit app does make use of some mobile input or Wi-Fi network to transfer folder. It establishes a hotspot relation of its own and then does it begin with the file-sharing process.
  • The SHAREit Download smooth has a music player that can run many audio files like – MP3, WAV, and AAC. This music player is very light, and just like the app itself, it is additionally bloatware-free. Because of this, you can play a lot of folders with simple on it. Customers can play and download millions of songs for unbound on this app.
  • The app is well- improved for Android and iOS tools. It is hardly 20-30 MB in size and flies smoothly. It does require a mammoth process memory or a flagship tool to pass. As SHAREit install uses Wi-Fi Direct, there is no pressure on the Bluetooth/NFC or the mobile data. Incredibly, this app does not consume any mobile data.
  • It covers a broad range of signal energy. A little Bluetooth relation can cover only a far of up to 10 meters (ideally). But, with Wi-Fi Straight, users can transfer files of distances far more than entirely 10 meters. SHAREit can move files over 15-20 meters in the distance. The space that it traverses is severely twice; Bluetooth covers that.


Why transfer SHAREit APK download?

  • In a world where wirelessly sending files has become a trend, this app acts as a saviour. There may be Bluetooth and NFC throughout, but the SHAREit app is a benefit for the people. Bluetooth is not as speedy as this app that makes the transfer of large-sized files a problematic mission.
  • As well that, Bluetooth also is not entirely safe and trustworthy. Other file-sharing methods involve bugged access, and not everyone is a big fan of that trend. Carrying wires and extra connectivity media can often be annoying. Thankfully, SHAREit is safe and free from that as there are no wires connected.
  • Furthermore, the file transfer fast on the SHAREit is impressive. It can extend speeds that are up to 300 Mbps. Most of the circuited connections are not capable of providing that much send fast.
  • It depends on the Wi-Fi Direct mode of data transfer. It means that the relationship that is confirmed with SHAREit is WPS safe. This type of top-class safety is not only impenetrable, but it is also way better than Bluetooth. It is device-to-tool type security that gets confirmed between the entertainer and the client. A secure key is a share from one party to the more, and this is how the relation gets authenticated. Once the connection gets proved, file transfer becomes feasible. Suppose authentication and transfer are done through Wi-Fi Direct. It means that at first, there is a WPS-enabled network that gets created, and then only does the file transfer take place.

Download SHAREit for Android:

  • It is an excellent app for Android bionetwork. It was first disclosed on Android back in 2012 when the concept of Wi-Fi Straight was new. SHAREit took the file-sharing company by storm, and people started to love it. The app quickly crossed the one million mark within two months of its initial release. It became so popular that Lenovo designed the Windows version of the app. Rapid, SHAREit APP was purely a file sharing and transferring app. Today, it has cut across the generic nature of merely transferring files, and some great features have enthralled it. There is over 50 quality in SHAREit that make it the best file-sharing app on Android. It is well agreeable with Android smartphones and tablets, both.
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  • SHAREit APK is the best app for folder sharing and sends it to Android. It is small in size, and there is no need to have a super-fast smartphone or tablet to run it. This app is free from bloatware, and because of this, it does not suffer from delays or crashes. It is well-optimized for each smartphone and tablet (Android). There is no infection in SHAREit APK, and that is considerable. Now, users can enjoy file-sharing without any problem or issue. Furthermore, the app does not consume needless mobile data and battery. It works well on Android devices and SHAREit for laptop


  • Side-loading is the process that is positioned for the installation of this app. The steps are elementary to perform, which makes it a sustainable app. App under is the steps to install SHAREit APK on Android smartphones and tablets.


Steps to Install:


  1. SHAREit installs – the APK file online on your tool with the help of a web application.
  2. The file (usually) gets saved in the Downloads file (present in the Internal storehouse).
  3. Place your smartphone/tablet on Airplane Way.
  4. Later that, go to Settings > Security Settings > Enable Installation from Unknown Sources. It will grant side-loading on your tool.
  5. Using a file manager, go to Internal storehouse > Downloads > Open SHAREit APK file.
  6. Go to ‘Install,’ and the installation will get completed.
  7. Turn off Airplane Mode, and voila!


Download for PC:

The app is capable of reaching file-sharing fasts of up to 250 Mbps. This speed is the highest wireless folder send rate that has been called on any device to date. So, SHAREit for PC is a revolutionary app that has some fantastic features. Users can transfer as many folders as they sense, like sharing. There is flat a pre-loading music player in SHAREit for Windows. After all this app uses Wi-Fi Direct, there is no need to worry about improper connections. All the links are WPA/WPS secured, which means that SHAREit is a highly safe and secure app.


SHAREit Apk Download & install on Windows PCs and Laptops:


  • SHAREit for Windows download:

Download the APK folder online for free on your desktop.

  • Download BlueStacks App gamer online from It is an Android impersonator. It runs all the Android apps and games on Windows for loose.
  • After that, once BlueStacks App gamer gets downloaded, bound that.
  • It may take some time to pack for the first time, but after it loads up, go to the ‘Install APK’ option.
  • Please search for the downloaded APK file and open it.
  • It will get installed quickly, and once it gets installed, you will be able to run it.
  • Enjoy!


SHAREit Apk Download For iOS:


iOS users can rejoice as the SHAREit app is available for iOS devices. It means that iPhone users can now appreciate file transfer (wireless) with this app. As well, it is at the epitome of secure (and fast) wireless file-sharing/send. There are so many marks that make this app an excellent app. Firstly, there is no need for relation to the internet. It means that with the SHAREit app, users need not be connected to the internet to transfer files. Folders can be shared with fasts up to 200-250 Mbps. It is the fastest in-class file move app for wirelessly sharing files with ease. SHAREit downloads online for free for iOS and Mac.


To do side-loading, do the following steps-


  • SHAREit downloads online for free. It comes as an IPA folder for iOS tools.
  • Put your device on Airplane way and note the stairs as well as.
  • Settings > General spot > Date and Time Settings > exchange the date.
  • Find the IPA folder and open it. The insertion process will get to begin. Once it gets installed, switch off the Airplane Mode, and you will be good to go.



FAQs for SHAREit Apk Download

1)Is SHAREit speedy?

Yes! SHAREit is regarded as the quick wireless file sharing and transfers app out there. Since it uses Wi-Fi Direct instead of Bluetooth, it moves files at speeds up to 200 Mbps. It means that this app is all over  20-25 times faster than Bluetooth 4.0. It is because of this that SHAREit is considered the fastest wireless file-sharing app out there.


2)What all files can I transfer?

There is no restriction to the kind of files with SHAREit. Folders, photos, videos, documents, and much more can be transferred with this app easily.

Finally, it is safe to say that it is a fantastic app. It is packed with plenty of unique features, and its flat has a powerful fan-base. These two things have made it the best app that is loved by millions. Since it got released in 2012, people have liked this app. It has become important the time, so millions of people still use it.


SHAREit APK download has a great and supportive community that makes sure that tasks are dealt with timely. Apart from that, punctual updates are rolled-out for this app that makes it flat better. The establishers listen to their users, and every year, a new skin/theme is added/removed to add to the app’s physical appearance.


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