What Is The Most Effective Way To Lose Weight Easily?


If you are one of them who is overweight and want to lose
it, you will have to ensure that it has to be working in your favor and produce
results. Saying so, it is almost like hunting for a new job, finding the right
and effective way to lose weight.
What Is The Most Effective Way To Lose Weight Easily?
What Is The Most Effective Way To Lose Weight Easily?
How much you lose and lose it healthily, depends on three
factors: – The calories you consume, your levels of activities and your
metabolism.  As per experts and as
recommended by the best dietitian in Delhi, the most effective way to lose
weight easily is by a combination of exercises and a restricted calorie diet,
based on your present body weight. The mantra – Eat right, exercise well!

So, What Is The Most Effective Way
To Lose Weight?

Feeding the body naturally, holds the key to lose weight and
keep if off permanently. The best way to lose weight, is losing it in a healthy
way. Feeding the body naturally means giving the body what it needs in
appropriate amounts to function and wok at its absolute best. It is about
eating healthy and clean food that aren’t loaded with junk and nor are they
processed. It is about choosing foods that have high nutritional values and
allows the body to do its functions in full throttle.
The theory around feeding the body naturally and allowing it
to help you lose weight, works around three commandments, which can also be
compiled under one format and termed as the ‘most effective way to lose weight

1. Eat Plenty Of Vegetables:

It won’t be wrong to say the veggies are a must in whatever
mean one chooses or believes is the most effective way to lose weight. They
have a lot that’s within them – they are low-caloric, they supply the body with
vital nutrients that wards off diseases like cancers, diabetes and hypertension
and more.
Be it kale, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, carrots, red
peppers, cabbage or sweet potato, the idea is to have variety and find plenty
of different ways to enjoy them. The idea in here is to create an approach that
will develop a healthy veggie habit. Let’s explore how vegetables helps in
losing weight effectively and faster:
  • It helps keep full longer: the fibre and water content in
    vegetables fills you up more efficiently than eating refined carbs. A
    combination of vegetables with healthy fats and proteins keeps you satisfied
    and helps lose weight.
  • It prevents ups and down spikes in the energy level: the
    fibre in vegetables aids regulating blood sugar levels. If you are having all
    your allotted quantity of vegetables during the day, who will never experience
    energy slumps and sugar cravings.
  • It helps live longer: it has many benefits. Studies suggest
    that eating good quantity of vegetables regularly prevents hardening of the
    arteries, helps lowering of cholesterol levels, prevents inflammation, and
    reduces chances of obesity, diabetes and heart diseases.
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Vegetables are lower in calories, and yet packed with all
the goodness to ward off weight and keep you healthy and fuller. It means that
even if you eat lesser amount of calories, you will be fuller and satisfied and
if you and your tummy is satisfied, you will never pay attention to processed
and unhealthy foods.

2. Eat Less Of Sugar:

It is universal and we can blame our biology or hardwire, we
all have sweet tooth and some have higher. No doubt, sugar makes food taste
good and hence all food companies add sugar in all their products – breads,
soups, cereals, dressings, yoghurts and almost everything.
On an average any normal person in the age group of 18 to 35
consumes more sugar than the recommended levels, be it knowingly or
unknowingly. And, this does no good to the waistline, especially for those who
are trying to lose weight. The aim should be to have foods that are low in
sugar and low in fat – fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains.
One of the main reason why many who have been striving to
lose weight are hidden sugars. At times, it might be quite challenging to know
how much sugar you can consume in a day and how much you have already consumed.
It is all because of the fact that sugar is added to so many foods and even
those ones that does not seem to be sweet like – breads, pastas, ketchup,
crackers and alike. Even you have sugar in items that we all consider healthy –
yoghurt, smoothies and more. The best way is to watch what you are eating and
avoiding consuming added sugar like in desserts, tea and coffee.

3. Eat More Of Whole Foods:

This is one thing that all experts around the world will
agree upon without questions. Processed foods like chips, ice creams, frozen
pizzas, cookies and alike have been linked with weight gain, because they do
not have fiber. Fibers helps you keep full and is one of the best medicine to
lose weight.
Whole foods include vegetables, fruits, bean, needs, seeds,
whole grains, eggs, seafood’s, and so on. The goal is to select an approach
that feels sustainable. It is here how whole foods can help:
  • They are nutritious: they are packed with vitamins and
    minerals and are good for health. 
    Nutrients in whole foods also tend to work better together and are more
    likely to survive digestion than supplements
  • They are protein packed: It is the most important nutrient
    for weight loss. Real foods have typically more proteins than other foods and
    are also less processed. Also whole sources pf proteins have lesser calorie
  • They do not have any refined sugars: real sources of have
    food have no added sugar and have nutrients, good for our health. Food high in
    added sugar have more calories and increases chances of obesity and diabetes.
  • They contain polyphenols: real foods are a great source of
    polyphenols, which are plant molecules with antioxidant properties. Some
    polyphenols may help with fat loss, such as epigallocatechin gallate in green
  • They help eating slowly: real foods can help you eat slowly
    by making you chew more. This may reduce your appetite and leave you satisfied
    with less food.
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