7 Best Power Strips You Can Buy Right Now


The need for power strips has
begun since the invention and evolution of computers. However, that has been
increasing over the years, thanks to the latest developments in technology. It
is now mandatory to have power strips to plug in the various electronic
appliances and gadgets that make our lives easy. Using power strips also
reduces the clutter of cords and extensions because once plugged in, you can
bind all of them together. However, power strips can easily become a threat if
you do not follow the necessary precautions while using them. Any overload on
the power strip causes it to heat, which in return starts a fire.

7 Best Power Strips You Can Buy Right Now
7 Best Power Strips You Can Buy Right Now

Things To Look For In Power Strips

ensure that the power strip can withstand any blunt impacts and is fire

● The
power strip should have a rating of more than 500 joules when it comes to
energy absorption.

● It
is better to buy a power strip that has a built-in surge protector. That
protects the plugged-in appliances in case of any voltage fluctuations.

Let us now look at the list of
the seven best power
you can purchase right now.

1. APC P11GTV Surgearrest

Here’s the first power strip on
the list that is safe, efficient, and reliable. APC’s power strip comes with
eight outlets, one master outlet, and seven other controlled outlets. All of
the outlets have a sliding cover to offer protection from dust. The
powerstrip’s LED lights indicate any fault in the building wiring, protection
working, etc. The power strip also accommodates telephone and DSL outlets along
with the conventional ones. Overall, the APC P11GTV SurgeArrest is one of the
best in terms of safety and reliability. 

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2. Amazonbasics 12 Outlet Power
Strip Surge Protector

The AmazonBasics 12 Outlet Power
Strip Surge Protector is another heavy duty power strip with a built-in surge
protector and accommodates twelve outlets. The placement of the outlets is such
that it easily accommodates large plugs together. It comes with sliding outlet
covers as the previous power outlet too. The power strip is available in two
variants with an eight-foot and ten-foot-long cord. The LED indicates whether
the surge protection on the power strip is active or not. The energy absorption
rating for this power strip is 4320 joules.

3. Monoprice 8 Outlet Rotating Surge

The rotating powerstrip from
Monoprice is one of the best in its price range. It comprises eight outlets, of
which six are rotational, and the other two are fixed. The power strip offers
up to 2160 joules of surge protection with a rating of 1800 watts. The
rotational power outlets offer flexibility and easy access. The power switch
also acts as a reset circuit breaker button. You can know the surge protection
status through the LED indicators. The cord length provided for the power strip
is six feet long.

4. 360 Electrical Revolve Plus

Here comes a power strip suitable
for non-power-hungry devices such as laptop and mobile phone chargers,
Bluetooth wireless devices, etc. The power strip is available in multiple
variants. The standard feature among all is the maximum number of power
outlets, which is four. You can also choose the variant that accommodates two
additional USB outlets. The 2.4 amp USB slots support 12-watt high-speed
charging. You can rest assured about using large plugs as the outlets are
well-spaced and rotational as well. Detecting any grounding fault or power
surge is easy, thanks to the LED indicators.

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5. Double Yi Power Strip

The next power strip on the list
is compact, safe, and efficient. The Double Yi Power Strip accommodates six
power outlets with a cord length of six feet and four USB ports. The power
strip’s overall design is not too large and bulky, making it aesthetically
pleasing even when used in a heavy work setup. The energy absorption rating on
this power strip is 1000 joules.

6. Jacklyed Power Strip Tower

Here’s a power strip that comes
with a unique tower design suitable for shared work environments. The outlets
are placed on each side of the power strip in levels. The best part about this
power strip tower is that there is a dedicated power switch for each outlet
layer. There are ten outlets, and the power strip also accommodates four 2.4
amp USB charging outlets. The power strip offers surge protection up to 900
joules and does not detect any ground wiring fault. The six and half feet long
cord of the power strip is retractable as well.

7. Belkin 12 Outlet

Next up on the list is a
heavy-duty power strip from Belkin with a total of 12 outlets. The energy
absorption rating on this power strip is 3940 joules. You can also plug in DSL
cables, cable/TV modems, and ethernet cables in the designated outlets. You
need not worry about the safety of the unused outlets as they come with a
sliding cover. The main USP of this product is that it comes with a cable organizer
for better cord management. The power strip’s cord length is eight feet and is
suitable for all types of electronic appliances such as kitchen appliances,
computers, laptops, smartphones, etc.

7 Best Power Strips You Can Buy Right Now
7 Best Power Strips You Can Buy Right Now

Final Thoughts

That concludes the list of the
seven best power strips.  Make sure to analyze your
in terms of energy absorption and then decide the powerstrip you want
to purchase. Check whether your existing power strip has a built-in surge
protector and replace it with one if not.


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