How Much Vitamin C Is Too Much? Know More

    How Much Vitamin C Is Too Much?

    Vitamin is an essential vitamin for our health. It is a type of antioxidant that is very vital for our body. It helps in various processes like lowering blood pressure, fighting inflammation, creating collagen. Some foods contain a high amount of vitamin C, and these foods are nutritious. But often, we hear how much vitamin C is too much?

    Is taking too much Vit C really unhealthy? Indeed, it is. Supplement marketers like to go into overdrive during the flu reason. They start advertising products that will help you decrease your odds of getting sick. Vit C is the most common one among all other antioxidants. It prevents you from getting sick. Moreover, we even call Vit C ascorbic acid.

    It contains water-soluble nutrients, and we get it mostly from food and vegetables. Many people take supplements because they want to remain healthy. Even by taking Vit C supplements, they want to strengthen their immune system. But we should bear in mind that how much vitamin C is too much? Because taking too much of it may lead us to various health issues. Before doing that, consult your doctor first. It will help you to acknowledge the fact of how much vitamin C is too much.

     About Vitamin C

    Vit C is a sort of antioxidant. It helps our body to protect our body from free radicals. Free radicals can develop some health diseases such as cancer, arthritis, and heart diseases. Because this damages and destroys healthy cells. So getting enough of Vit C will boost your immune system.

    By taking vitamin C, we can support our body’s natural defences against illness. Even people call it a virus-fighting vitamin. It also helps to increase the absorption of iron. Vit C allows us to conduct the body functions properly. If we don’t have enough vitamin C, it may lead us to various diseases like scurvy.

    There are fruits and vegetables we can eat to get Vit C enough. Among them, orange and orange juice are considered the best-known source of vitamin C.There are other foods like- bell peppers, broccoli, guava, potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries, grapes, etc. We cant store vitamin C, and that’s why overdose is not a concern. But there’s a limit for everything. The same thing goes for vitamin C.We have to be careful about not to exceed the safe upper limit of 2000 milligrams a day to avoid various health issues. So Vit C is essential for us. But we have to get the that how much Vit C is too much for us.

    Benefits Of Vit C

    The benefits of Vit C are way too many to be described. That’s why it’s such an essential antioxidant for our body. Some of the health benefits are.

    • Stress -A deficiency in Vit C associates with many stress-related issues. It means taking Vit C foods regularly may reduce your stress level. Don’t you want to feel fresher and less tired? If you can maintain levels of vitamin C, it will be beneficial for you.
    • Colds-We often hears that Vit C reduces the cold. It may not be entirely accurate. But it may lessen some serious complications regarding the fact. If we eat fruits and vegetables more and more that contain vitamin C, then it’s healthy. Because they can reduce the risk of developing diseases such as lung infections, pneumonia, etc.
    • Stroke -Health experts say that Vit C reduces the rate of stroke. It means if we eat vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C, it’s good for us. Because we will have higher blood levels of vitamin C. Moreover, conscious people are likely to consume vitamins and other nutrients according to their needs.
    • Skin Aging -Vit C affects all types of cells on the inside and outside of our body. Its antioxidant qualities can be useful when it comes to ageing. It means that taking a proper amount of Vit C can lower your wrinkled appearance. Also, it can reduce the dryness of the skin. You will get more glowing skin. That’s why many women use Vit C serum or face cream to better their skin. Vit C tends to make you look younger than your age.
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    How Would You Know How Much Vitamin C Is Too Much

    According to doctors, Vit C is one of the essential antioxidants for our body. But we should have it according to our needs. The average women need 70 mg of Vit C per day. On the other hand, a man needs 90mg per day. This amount may not be the same. Even the amount will be higher for pregnant and nursing women. But before asking it, they should consult with their doctor. Because it’s inevitable to know how much Vit C is too much. Otherwise, it may lead them to various complications. The highest amount or upper limit for all kinds of people will be 2000 mg per day. Taking too much may not turn out life-threatening, but you will have some health issues. You may notice some symptoms-

    • Abdominal pain can occur.
    • You will notice cramps.
    • Diarrhoea
    • You will suffer from headaches.
    • You will feel nauseous
    • Irregular sleep
    • Hemochromatosis people are in danger of a Vit C overdose. If you take too much vitamin C, then this can happen. The body produces too much iron because of too much vitamin C.
    • Tissue damage.
    • If you take too many Vit C supplements, then this may hamper your health. So take suggestions from your doctor before taking a supplement.

    Negative Interactions Of Taking Too Much Vitamin C

    If you take Vit C supplements on a higher dose, it can turn out harmful. It may create an adverse interaction with you.

    • Some medicines can contain aluminium, such as phosphate binders. If you take more than 2000 mg in supplement form, then this is harmful. Because it can increase aluminium absorption, this may hamper those who have kidney problems.
    • If you take an oral contraceptive, avoid taking Vit C supplements. Because that may increase your estrogen level, it will be hazardous for your health.
    • If you are on chemotherapy, using Vit C supplements can decrease the drug’s effects. So consult with your doctor first to take any advice.
    • Taking too much of Vit C can reduce the effects of protease inhibitors. Especially if you take Vit C supplements with specific tablets, then don’t take supplements. Especially with niacin, warfarin, coumadin. It may lessen the effects of the drugs.

    How Much Vitamin C is too much for a kidney problem

    Taking too much vitamin C, then it may excrete uric acid in your urine. Later it may lead to kidney problems. Some reports have published that a woman tends to have kidney stones for many reasons. If you take Vit C supplements of more than 4g, then kidney stones may appear. Researchers have not come to any conclusion specifically regarding this fact.

    But they suggested if you have kidney problems or kidney stones, avoid Vit C supplements. Because if you don’t stop taking those, then it may lead to a severe problem. They are more likely to carry large amounts of vitamin C.If your kidney gets severely; then your life may be at a state of risk. So if you are having some issues regarding this, then you should go for a check-up.

    How Much Vitamin C Is Too Much For Digestive Distress

    Taking too much Vit C can cause digestive distress. The most common side effects of taking too much vitamin C. Dont is that you will have digestive distress by eating foods containing vitamin C. This stress can occur from the supplementation of vitamin C.

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    You will feel very nauseous and tired most of the time. Another symptom can be diarrhoea. By taking excessive Vit C can lead to acid reflux. But the chance of it occurring is meagre. So you must figure out how much Vit C is too much. If you tend to avoid the problem, it may turn out very serious later. You will face the consequences because of having too much vitamin C.

    Iron Overload

    Vit C works to enhance iron absorption. Vit C tends to bind with non-theme iron. It makes it more comfortable for the body to absorb the iron. Individuals tend to get iron from plant-based foods. But when they took too much vitamin C, the iron in your body may increase. It may turn out as iron overload. This situation can cause severe damage to the heart, liver, pancreas, thyroid, and central nervous system. Iron overload happens when you take Vit C too much in supplementation.

    Treatment And Diagnosis

    If you are having problems because of having too much vitamin  C, then don’t worry. You can get rid of the problem if you take proper treatment. If you are healthy, you won’t be likely to die from a vitamin C overdose. But if you tend to ignore the symptoms, then you may face serious consequences.

    • If you notice some symptoms, then contact your doctor if it gets worse.
    • Your doctor will examine your health condition and ask you some basic questions about your health.
    • After that, he will do some tests. According to your health condition, he will prescribe you some medicines to ease your symptoms.
    • He may even lessen the doses of Vit C supplements. He also may suggest you to stop taking that if your situation gets worse.

    The treatment can vary from person to person. But more or less, it will be much the same.

    Stop Overdosing Too Much Vitamin C Supplement

    You got to know how much vitamin C is too much. Then you should take some steps.

    • At first, it may be challenging for you to stop taking Vit C supplements. But to handle the situation, you can lower the dose of Vit C supplements.
    • Then you may eliminate those Vit C supplements gradually. After a few days or a month, you will see some changes. You will get rid of those overdose symptoms.
    • Drinking water may help you in this case. The toxicity will flush out of your body. Also, it will help you to recover from the overdose.
    • But you have to drink water sufficiently. Otherwise, it can reduce your sodium level. That may even lead to death.

    Eat Fruits And Vegetables More And More

    After knowing how much vitamin c is too much, you should be conscious of your health. Obviously, you don’t want to reach a point where you have to take supplements. Start eating fruits and vegetables to get a proper amount of vitamin C. Make sure you are getting a daily dose of Vit C properly.

    Guava has a high Vit C level. It has 377 milligrams of vitamin C. Try to have blueberry, raspberries, and strawberries. These contain many vitamins C.Oranges, lemons, clementines, grapefruits, and Vit C sources.

    Brocolli, cabbage, tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin C. Try to keep fruits and vegetables in every meal. Also, if you follow a balanced diet, it will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So from the facts, you got the idea of how much Vit C is too much.

    Stay Fit And Healthy

    We all know that vitamin C is very essential for us. But do we all know how much Vit C is too much? No, we do not. But we have got some ideas of this from the above discussion. Taking too much Vit C can create a negative impact on our health. It may cause undesirable effects. If you eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, that’s very beneficial.

    You don’t need Vit C supplements unless you reach a state when you badly need it. Even if you want to get Vit C supplements, your doctor’s advice is essential. Insufficient Vit C can be the reason for many health problems. In the same way, too much Vit C can affect our health badly. So it’s high time we acknowledged the fact of getting proper vitamin C.Eat more vegetables, fruits, and plant-based foods. Stay healthy and strong.


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