10 Common Car Accident Injuries

10 Common Car Accident Injuries

A car accident can be the cause of some serious injuries. No matter if someone’s in a car accident or a motorcycle accident, he/she will probably get injured. For getting a personal injury lawyer, you need to know about some common accident injuries. 

A person can be physically or mentally affected by an accident. When a victim is talking to a lawyer after the accident, he/she will ensure that the victim gets the best facilities during that time. Before contacting a personal injury lawyer at St Louis MO, let’s check out our list of common accident injuries.

1. Head and Brain Injury

One of the common injuries many people get is head or brain injury. According to some sources, 17.3 per cent all traumatic brain injury in the USA are related to car accidents. In fact, aound 50,000 people die due to traumatic brain injury. 

As you know our brain is the most important part of our body. So, when the brain get injured, the person will have many problems. When someone gets head injury from a motor vechile accident, he/she needs immidiate medical attention. 

2. Spinal Cord Injury

Just like brain injury, spinal cord injury is one of the most common motor vechile injuries. Spinal cord injury usually happens because of the impact of a strong crash. As you know, spinal cord is a very sensitive part of our body. A spinal cord damage can cause of total or partial paralysis. There are various minor spinal cord injuries caused by a car crash. 

3. Facial Injuries

Many people face various facial injuries by a car crash. It can happen due to the impact of steering wheels, broken glasses, windshield, side window, even car seat. Well, most facial injuries are not that effetive. 

However, some facial injuries, espcially injuries caused by broken glasses need immidate medical attention. Some damage even leave the victim with a large scar on his/her face.  

4. Neck/Back Injuries

As we noted before, many victims can have whiplash, a muscle wound due to a car crash. Most neck or back injuries happen due to the injury of soft tissue. This contusion is not that common as others. However, a victim of a back or neck injury will have huge problems after the accident. In fact, some people need surgical attention in this situation. 

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5. Broken Bones

Broken bones are very common injuries caused by a motor vehicle accident. A huge impact can put a victim’s skeleton under stress. However, the good thing is, these types of impacts are not life-threatening or permanent. 

Sure, it needs immediate medical attention but most cases can be solved with time. In some serious fracture cases, victims need surgery for setting the bone placed. 

6. Internal injuries

Internal bleeding is very effective and it can cause many complications. Our organs are delicate and a motor vehicle accident can cause various internal wounds. Usually, it’s hard to detect internal bleeding, especially on spot. 

In fact, some internal wounds could be life-threatening. This is why a victim needs medical attention as soon as possible. However, you can prevent these types of damages by following some protocols. 

7. Burns

As you can see most burns happen when a car catches the fire. Well, it’s not that common injury but the effect could be long-lasting, even life-threatening. A car catches fire when it comes to contact with hot fluid, chemicals, or steam.  

If the victim is able to get himself/herself out from the scene, it would be easier. On the other hand, if the driver is unconscious due to the injury and the car catches fire, he/she needs immediate help. 

8. Knee injuries

Well, knee injuries can happen for various reasons. Some people get a broken bone or small wound. It depends on the intensity of the impact. A knee wound is not life-threatening but it can be long-lasting. In fact, some victim needs medical attention including knee replacement. On the other hand, victims can get tissue or muscle damages.

9. Post-Traumatic Stress

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A motor vehicle accident not only causes physical damage but some people also get mental and emotional issues. Well, it’s completely normal and it can happen to everyone. 

One of the most common mental health issues is post-traumatic stress. In fact, it can happen when you don’t have much physical injury. Make sure you are having the right therapy during this situation. 

10. Emotional Distress

Just like post-traumatic stress, emotional distress is another mental health issue many people face after a car accident. This can be a short-time or long-time emotional injury, depends on the intensity of the accident. In this case, it would be better if you are getting proper treatment as soon as possible.


Finally, you know what are the common car crash injuries. A person can get a long-term wound by a car accident. This is why we always suggest people take enough precautions while driving. Make sure you are performing regular car service. Similarly, you need to follow various things such as sober driving and wearing a seatbelt while driving.


Q: What injuries can be caused by a car crash?

There are several injuries that can be caused by a car crash. However, some common injuries are bruising, shallow cuts, brain injury, broken bones, and internal bleeding. 

Q: How do you not get hurt in a car accident?

You need to be more careful while driving. Make sure you are following some protocols including wearing seatbelts, adjusting steering wheels, avoiding drunk driving, and follow regular maintenance.

Q: What is a soft tissue wound in a car accident?

Soft tissue injuries are common due to car crashes. It happens when someone’s muscle tenders or ligaments are damaged. Some common types of injuries are contusions, whiplash, and sprains.

Q: How do you treat a deep tissue injury?

A deep tissue injury caused by a car crash needs special attention as soon as possible. To treat this, you need to keep the skin clean and increase protein and calories intake.


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